Monday, November 26, 2018

My First Pogo Pals Jumper Frog from Flybar an Awesome Child's Gift

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Pogo Pals from Flybar are recommended for children 3 years and older. These are the cutest, even the packaging is cute!

You just need to pull the Pogo Pal out of the box and your child can begin having a ton of fun while they learn balance.  Mason is learning to balance while his sister has it mastered.

We received the Pogo Pals Frog. It is constructed from durable soft foam. The soft foam handles are comfortable and easy for little ones to grip and hold for all day play. A strong stretchy bungee spring is suitable for most heights. It also has a durable strong foam base with built-in squeak speakers. This adorable Pogo stick holds up to 250 lbs so the whole family can enjoy some hopping.

These Pogo Pals are a lot of fun for our little one who jumps both inside and outside. No worries, it does not scratch up the floors. The built in speaker squeaks and that makes it easy to count jumps. I really like that this is a fun way for kids to learn balance and hand eye coordination besides getting exercise and building strength as well.

There are five fun characters to choose from. Each one has it's own personality. These are high quality durable pogo jumpers. They would be a great item to put under the Christmas tree this year.

Flybar has been around since 1918. They have since been known as the Original Pogo Stick company. They have tirelessly worked to bring you exciting and new products beyond just pogo sticks.

Flybar has been around since 1918. Since that time they have been known as the original pogo stick company. They have been working tirelessly to bring you new and exciting products beyond just the pogo sticks. They have moved on beyond just being the top pogo stick company into an all-around sporting goods company. New research and development continues to bring their customers fun and exciting new products.

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You can connect with Flybar via Facebook, @flybar_inc, You Tube, Instagram and Flybar Online

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