Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pony Up Daddy The Original Daddy Saddle

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

My son became a father a year and a half ago. It has been great not only watching my grandson grow, but also watching my son grow into a responsible loving father. He's always on the floor with his son. Even when my kids were younger someone would be the pony and they would all get rides around the house. I think the new Pony Up Daddy is going to be perfect for him and his little boy.

Pony Up Daddy is definitely a unique and cute product for children who love to get pony rides. It is designed to with a little ć for kids and a handle for them to hold. This makes these pony rides more safe in my opinion. The saddles are made secure so that even when the child is throwing their weight around their not going to fall off as easily. The handle is a safer option than the child trying to hang onto a shirt and stretching it out or grabbing a hand full of hair.

The saddle is made with high quality neoprene material. This material is strong and durable, making the saddle completely safe. It is firm enough to be secure while having just enough give to be comfortable. It is designed to fit a variety of adult frames. One size fits most, up to 50" chest size. The directions to use this are quite clear. There is an easy to use elastic belt design, just stretch, wrap and go!

Pony Up Daddy is the winner of the National Parenting Centers "seal of approval" here is a little of what their parents and testers had to say "Pony Up Daddy saddle is a cute and unique product for kids who love getting pony rides, it is well made and the directions are clear, it is age suitable and the kids love it! Not only are children and their daddy's loving this product, mommies can use it too.

My son and my grandson have had lots of fun using the saddle. My son says it's comfortable and does not get his hair pulled as much. He feels his son sits more secure on his back with less fear of him falling. He says he wishes someone would have thought of this year's ago. It is important to get down on the floor and play and bond with your toddlers and this makes the experience a lot of fun. The saddle also folds up into a small size making storage easy.

Pone Up Daddy has designs such as camo, sheriff blue, a zebra safari and more to choose from. They are all cute. Imaginations could run wild while playing with these saddles such as pairing them with your favorite costume.

Pony up daddy Saddles have revolutionized the living room pony ride. Anyone that has played the part of the pony knows how important a handle is for the child to hold onto. Without the Pony Up Daddy your child will be tugging on your shirt, your hair, ears, neck, chains or anything else they can get a hold of. Do you blame them? Put yourself in their shoes you would try to hold onto anything you could grab as well. These were the exact issues Mr and Mrs Pony Up faced when designing the first saddle for their own kids. They needed something other than the pony for the kids to hang onto. The first Pony Up Daddy saddle was made, after a trip to the arts and craft store, in their kitchen. After seeing the joy their whole family experienced from this homemade saddle they knew they had to share it with the world. They set out to make an easy to use, durable, comfortable, high-quality saddle that could take anything the children could throw at it. Several prototypes later the design became clear, a tough yet pliable neoprene design captured all the design features they were looking for. The Pony Up Daddy has been designed by parents for parents. They hope your family will enjoy their saddle as much as they have.

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