Sunday, November 4, 2018

Slicker McQuicker and Friends Teachable Children's Book

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I like to buy my little ones books throughout the year, but every Christmas they each get some new books to put on their book shelves. My family loves to read and the kids have many great books. This is another one we were happy to add to our collection.

Slicker McQuicker and Friends by Jennie Wren is a rhyming picture book for children. It shares how one special boy teaches his friends the value of self-confidence morals and friendship.

Slicker McQuicker is a very funny boy with very red hair. With a heart full of joy, he laughs and laughs. Slicker sets a good example for the other children with his words and actions.

Slicker and his friends offer two short stories. "Slicker's Bad Day" is about some of Slicker's friends that don't want to play with him and are making fun of him because his ears are too big and his hair is too red. Slicker does the right thing and he rises above the meanness.

"Everyone's Special" is a short story about how each and every person has important qualities and everyone is unique.

This book is about 36 pages long with vivid, bright and delightful images. Jennie Wren does a fantastic job at bringing little Slicker McQuicker to life. My family found the book to be not only entertaining with the play on words but also teachable.

I really love stories that give the kids something to think about, teaches them something. Slicker and his friends teach you that it is okay to be different. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. It has a way of telling children its not okay to be mean and hurt someones feelings because they look or act different.

This would be a great book to gift children with for the coming holidays. Its one of those books parents can sit down and enjoy with their kids. They can also use it to have a meaningful conversation with their children afterwards.

Jennie Wren attended the University of Texas. She has written the lyrics to more than 90 country western songs. She has also written several Mysteries and scores of children's books along with a lot of poetry. Jenny Wren lives on 7 Acres in Nevada with her husband two dogs and two horses.

You can purchase Slicker McQuicker HERE

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