Thursday, November 29, 2018

Tic Tac Tongue Great Christmas Vacation Gift

We received a sample and exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Winter has arrived in our area. In fact school was canceled today because of weather conditions, we received 15.2 inches of snow also more is coming down. On days like today we like to find a game in our collection to play while staying nice and warm inside. Tic Tac Tongue from Yulu Toys was our choice of the day.

Tic Tac Tongue from Yulu Toys is an interactive family game for 2-4 players. It is suitable for players 4 years old on up.

Players are going to wear a mask. The targets will have to be set up. Then players are going to flip a card and begin the duel!

The youngest player is going to decide if they want to be red or green. Player will flip a card with a number on it. They will use there tongue piece to go after the same number on the card stands. To use the tongue piece players will blow and it will unroll the masks long tongue. If you knock down the correct card you will collect that card. Whoever collects the most cards will win the game.

My 6 year old grandson loved this game. It was an easy set up. He was setting it up himself after the first time. He got a kick out of having to wear the mask. I have to say he got pretty good at this game and probably beat us all a time or two.

This is an excellent game for young ones as it enhances their fine motor skills. There is also a different way than I previously stated to win the game, by adding cards. Playing that way would help with math skills. I felt the way we played the kids were still counting at the end of the game. There are no batteries required to play this game.

This is a fun game to add to your young children's game collection. Ours have had hours of fun playing it. It would make a great Christmas gift for this coming holiday. Tic Tac Tongue has been awarded a National Parenting Product Award for being one of the best games this holiday season.

The Tic Tac Tongue game will include:

  • 4 lizard masks,
  • 4 mouth pieces,
  • 4 tongues,
  • 10 targets,
  • 10 game cards,10 card stand
  • and the game rules.

    Yulu looks all over the world for new ideas and Innovations to increase the active play experience. They believe experiencing active play is fundamental in the development of a child.

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    1. Interesting concept of a game.. sounds fun. Never seen it before