Thursday, November 1, 2018

We Approve LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Child Safe Headphones

I received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My grandchildren love watching cartoons and listening to music on our cell phones and tablets. They often use headphones to do this. I've had to buy new headphones a couple of times because I would find after they used them only one bud would work and almost always the cords are tangled up. I figured they were maxing out the volume. I needed to find child friendly headphones.

Children most definitely need a restricted volume so that they do not damage their hearing. One of the first things I noticed about the Untangled Pro headphones from LilGadgets is they were made to protect children's hearing. Not only are they made with the upmost care to children's safety they are cute as well.

The Untangled Pro is a wireless option. The bluetooth allows kids to move around up to 30 feet away. With no cords there is no worry about cords being tangled up. It's really easy to pair the headphones with any bluetooth enabled device. If you have an old device that doesn't go wireless that's okay too! There is a nylon audio cable included. Also included is Shareport, which means that multiple users can attach their headphones together. This is absolutely clever and useful when you have two or three kids and only one device.

These headphones are designed for children ages 4 and older. They are high quality, durable and sturdy. They are made using Soft Touch material. This material allows for rugged durability but feel like they are very comfortable. They are designed for strength and the test of time.

The headphones have studio grade 40mm drivers which gives out a nice crisp clear sound, this allows for lower volume level at 93db. The padded fixed-earcup design creates passive noise reduction that brings the outside noise down by 13db. This is among the best in the industry. This means that even in the noisiest of situations children will not have to max out the volume. This extends the life of the battery while being safer on those little ears.

The headphones were not only created for listening safety, LilGadgets were created from a child safety standpoint. They will safely adjust without pinching or snagging. There is also a safe release jack. These are completely safe without any parts that could lead to choking, strangulation or cuts. Every detail has been gone over to ensure the headphones meet the requirements of the toughest consumer protection.

I really like these headphones. They mean mine are pretty safe now from being tangled and ruined. More importantly the kids love them. All we had to do was charge the headphones and they give you 12 hours of listening time and 180 hours of stand by time.

The headphones come in five available colors black, pink, purple, blue, green and white. They all look like beautiful pastel colors. On one side of the headphones you will find the power button, pairing mode, and a phone answer/end button. There will be the volume control button which doubles as the next/previous track button and the play/pause button. On the opposite side is where the Shareport is. The headphones come with a microfiber travel pouch. Something that is a little extra is that you can use the bag to wipe off dirty screens.

I think both the kids and I would recommend these awesome headphones to anyone looking for child friendly headphones.

LilGadgets is not a company, they are just a mom and a dad with two small children. They often try to find good quality products for their kids that are safe and age-appropriate. They mostly feel like the only products they can find are children's products covered in cartoons that are very low quality or just plain ugly.

These two parents frustration came to a head when shopping for a pair of headphones for their oldest daughter. They had looked at every option but ultimately could not find what they wanted. It just didn't exist. They questioned why there wasn't something that was just safe and simple, something that would look nice and last?

This mom and dad are not designers but they are totally design Geeks with a passion for cool products. They used what they knew as parents and customers. What they did not know they learned as they worked to build a pair of headphones that they thought their girls deserved. They used their kids for inspiration and test subjects. They came up with some products that they liked and thought the world would like as well.

The mission at LilGadgets is providing kids with a product they can love and an experience they can enjoy.. same goes for their parents. They truly hope their headphones can make families happy and give them a chance to connect, share and love.

You can connect with LilGadget via Facebook Instagram @lil_gadgets G+ You Tube LilGadgets Website


  1. Ohhhh, these are so cute! I love the color options they offer! Great product!

  2. Very cute - we would also head straight for the green! Everyone in our family fights over the green "stuff" . They look awesome.

  3. I love that they come in so many different colours. They would be a great stocking filler for kids.

  4. I am just loving these amazing headphones for the kiddos. It is so important to have volume control so that they do not hurt their hearing... and they are really cute looking too :)

  5. I love these! Sound limiters are a must for kids’ hearing & great idea to make them even safer without wires.

  6. I teach English online and could use a good pair of headphones for that. These look perfect! I love that they come in so many different colors as well.

  7. This looks amazing! Thanks so much for info! @momalwaysknows