Monday, December 24, 2018

American BackCountry Check Out Their Tee Shirts

We received a sample and exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My son is a huge fan of the outdoors and anything that has to do with nature. I knew he would like the Tee shirt I received from American BackCountry.

American BackCountry produces and manufactures Tee Shirts with outdoor scenes of forests and National Parks. They also offer AB Classic Tee Shirts, BSA Official Tee Shirts and Repreve +Lifestyle Tees.

My son said the first thing he noticed about his Tee Shirt is it's very soft. He also likes the style and design of the shirt. It fits him nicely and looks nice on him.

The Tees from American BackCountry are made with high quality materials. These are not some cheap shirts that are going to go holy in a month. The design of the shirt does not fade after it's washed and it still feels soft after having been washed a few times.

The American BackCountry moisture wicking tee is manufactured using 100% spun polyester and delivers the look and feel of organic cotton and the wickability of advanced Poly Performance fibers. Some of the features of these tees are that they are built to last and are 100% moisture wicking polyester. They have the fastest drying time in the industry and permanent moisture transfer technology with built-in anti-microbial and anti stain features.

These shirts are soft and pliable. They will not irritate or chaff your skin after heavy use like other performance garments will sometimes do.

The high quality shirts from American BackCountry are well worth their cost. They are not an expensive shirt but they will last just as long. The shirts are comfortable to wear no matter what your doing. They have some great designs to choose from. Whether it's the coming holidays or a birthday these tees would make a great gift. There is a wide variety to choose from.

In 1995 American BackCountry moved from those"AT Shirt guys" to the next level by listening to one of their early customers Peter Crane at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. Frank climbed Mount Washington in less than attractive conditions and then cleaned up in the Backpackers Sanctuary room in the observatory where he met with Peter who told us he wanted a shirt with a topographic map and a list of Mount Washington's popular hiking trails on the back. They listen to Peter and have been listening to their customers ever since.

In 2001 they became the first company of their kind to specialize in printing graphics on moisture wicking t-shirts. From there they emerged as the company who jumped on new print technologies to offer their customers the best garments and printing methods available. They were the first to market a line of graphics to the outdoor industry that used sublimation and direct government technologies. In 2004 they began to manufacture their own American BackCountry moisture wicking t-shirts and since then have continued to build on their extensive catalog of graphics that appeal to a wide variety of people. At American BackCountry they go the extra mile.

The American Backcountry Moisture Wicking Tee is manufactured using 100% spun polyester and delivers the look and feel of organic cotton and the wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers. American Backcountry makes sustainable Tees for the outdoors with destination tees and a brand new line of 2019 graphics. Their Tees are printed on American Backcountry’s signature repreve recycled polyester blend made in Union, SC - a blend that uses recycled plastic bottles.

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  1. I like the sort of retro look the t-shirt has. I think it looks really neat.

  2. What a great t-shirt. My husband loves fun tshirts so I am headed to their site to check out some other options.

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  4. This looks like a really soft t-shirt and I love the design! My hubby and I are outdoorsy and he would love this shirt.

  5. I like the design. The design looks great for adventure and inspiration.

  6. These look so cool, and I bet they feel nice and comfy. I will have to see what all they offer.

  7. Nicely designed prints on these quality soft tee shirts.. thanks for sharing