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Brodie and The Yeti make Books a Smart Gift Choice

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Reading is so important for little ones. There is so much children can get out of reading, lessons about patience, kindness, sharing, love, the importance of family and friends and so much more!

Christmas is a great time to add books to your child's collection. My granddaughter has been enjoying the true tale of Brodie and The Yeti. She just loves puppies and kittens as do most children. She has engrossed herself in these adorable books. She loves both Brodie and The Yeti. Liam doesn't quite get the messages, although, he loves Brodie and The Yeti being read to him. He loves story time and bedtime for the reading of his books. He looks at the books with such excitement.

Brodie and The Yetti is authored by Dennis Robert Komack. He introduces the readers to the canine brothers as they transition into their new lives with Mr. K and Lady K. While their life is great with the K's, Brodie and The Yeti have some difficulties adjusting to one another.

Mr K and Lady K find Brodie at a pet store. He was a lively puppy with light, golden fur. For Lady K and Brodie it was love at first sight. The K's then take their new puppy home on the beach and he loves it. Though he loves his new life on the beach he is lonely while Mr. K and Lady K are working. Brodie wishes he had a brother to keep him company. Then the K's bring The Yeti home one day. He was a shy dark brown puppy. Brodie's reaction is not what the reader is going to expect.

This beautiful well written and illustrated book is going to appeal to preschool through school-aged children. Dennis Komick offers a simple yet powerful lesson about sharing that is easily received from these two adorable puppies.

This tale is a beautiful, colorful, sweet tale. It is about something many children could familiarize themselves with. Introducing your children to Brodie and The Yeti would certainly add to their reading enjoyment.

The Yeti Saves Coco Bunny:

The Yeti saves Coco Bunny is the second book authored by Dennis Robert Komick in his series about the adventures of two adorable puppies. In this 2nd book these puppies will learn what it means to look beyond themselves to help a friend who is in danger.

Brodie and The Yeti visit Grandma one rainy night with Mr K and Lady K. It is a normal routine, when at Grandma's house the two puppies head for the backyard to visit with Coco bunny. Coco Bunny is Grandma's rabbit. On this night though it is rainy and cold. Brodie quickly returns to the house after going out back to seek out grandma. The Yeti who had ventured out into the yard had not come back. After some time passed Mr. K wandered out to find him and learns why The yeti was lingering in the backyard.

In this second installment of the Brodie and The Yeti series, by Dennis Komick, we are learning about the power of selflessness and friendship. While Brodie is focused on getting himself out of the rain, The Yeti searches for Coco Bunny and saves his little friend's life. This story teaches a great lesson on the importance of looking out for others.

These are lovely stories depicting a pup's ability to communicate. It is a great story for teaching children that in bad situations we need to watch out for each other. This is perfect for little ones.

A heart warming story for children of all ages. There are messages of family, adoption, friendship, cooperation and adventure weaved throughout this true tale. Brodie and The Yeti are ideal books for children who are expecting a new sister or brother, or they are simply having trouble sharing with their friends and classmates.

About the author:

The youngest of three adopted children, Dennis Robert Komick was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in the seaside town of Manhattan Beach, California.

Dennis has always focused on creative endeavors. In school, he was involved in photography, fashion design and clothing, as well as radio and television broadcasting.

Dennis is a five-time godfather and has spent his life around young children. He is happily married to his wife Molly, and their 3 year old Keegan loves the books as any child would.

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  1. These look fun to read and the artwork is so cute.
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  2. Awe what a sweet book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. My son would like these books.. He loves any kind of animals especially puppies. These would be great Christmas presents for any child..