Monday, December 3, 2018

Fairytale Baby Book a Gift About Them

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My grandson, Liam loves to have books read to him. His mommy and daddy have made it a habit to make reading a daily part of his life. He has his own little reading area with a rocking chair as well as a book shelf for the books he can get himself to look at or bring to them or uncle David to read for him. They put his more important books with their own.

I was excited when Fairytale Baby Books agreed to send Liam a fairytale book. I knew Liam would love this book as well because he himself was uniquely written into a fairytale about a royal family.

When the Fairytale Baby Books arrived I noticed how beautiful it was from the cover to the pages inside. They took information about Liam and integrated it into a fairytale. The 8" x 9" hardcover book has a leather look to it. The hard cover features ornately designed borders and embossed glitter gold titles on the front and back of the book. There are 15 pages that are typeset in a beautiful old English font printed on antique parchment like paper. The artwork that goes along with the fairytale is also colorful and beautiful.

These personalized Fairytale books are beautiful from the front to the last cover. Liam's book will be a treasured keepsake that hopefully one day he will read to his own children and grandchildren too. Liam loves hearing his story and I believe every time he hears it he knows just how special he is.

What a charming gift this would make for any child during the holidays or maybe an expectant mother. It's quite easy. You download a photo and some factual information about your little Prince or Princess. Liam's begins with his birth.

Fairytale Baby Books is family owned and was conceived and published by Cheri Glick. Cheri is by trade a preschool teacher, she discovered her passion for fashioning these sentimental keepsakes thanks to the birth of her dear friend's granddaughter. She wanted to give something special she had never thought of herself as the creative type but the idea of a fairy tale had popped into her mind. The words and story line had begun to flow. She realized she had been given a gift they would never forget a gift the child would always love.

You can purchase Fairytale Books HERE or on Etsy HERE.

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