Friday, December 21, 2018

Gift Your Littles with Safe JBL Wireless On the Ear Headphones

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My grandchildren love getting on YouTube and watching Peppa Pig and other children's videos. I don't know how often they argue because one of them has their device too loud, and the others can't hear what they are watching above the noise, so, I'm ordering them to turn down the volume or I am going to take away their device. I want them to have headphones but I also want the headphones to be safe for their ears. Then along came JBL

JBL JR300BT Children's wireless on the ear headphones have helped this situation. These headphones were designed for kids. They come in some cool colors, they even come with stickers to design their own. The headphones we received are in the prettiest blue color. They are kid friendly, making it super easy for the kids to use them.

These headphones are designed with JBL's legendary sound. They limit the volume below 85dB making them safe for even for the youngest listeners. Kids can enjoy a wireless connection up to 15 meters away. It is easy to operate controls and the kids will not need an adults’ help.

The headphones fit my granddaughter's head nice and snug. She does not complain that they are uncomfortable. The ear cushions are custom designed while the head band is softly padded.

The headphones are lightweight, compact and portable. If your on the go, they are easy enough to take along with a foldable design. The buttons on the ear phone are child friendly, making it easy and safe for kids to operate them. The headphones have a 12 hour battery life and they recharge quickly, in ten minutes you get enough charge for an hour.

These headphones for children more than meet our expectations. They have a sleek and trendy design with great features. You don't have to worry about your child listening to music that will blast away their ear drums because the noise can only get so high. You can use the bluetooth, let the kids listen to their favorite music and they don't even have to touch your device.

I also like that if we get in the car for a long ride the charge on the headphones is going to last awhile. The JBL headphones come with stickers so that children can personalize theirs with their name or whatever else they would like to.

The price for the JBL headphones are affordable, a great deal for all of their awesome features. These would make a terrific idea for Christmas, birthday or in my case just because you need them!

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  1. JBL makes great products. These look like really nice headphones for kids!

  2. My niece and nephews definitely gripe about the noise levels of the others' gadgets, lol. Headphones are a must.

  3. I've hear JBL products are really good, I like their items for myself too

  4. Coo product, well designed.. customize able ones