Monday, December 10, 2018

Magic Canvas from PlaSmart a Clean Creative Child's Gift

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I have a grandchildren who just love to color and draw everything from smiley faces and stick figures to animals. The problem is the younger ones usually end up drawing on themselves and other surfaces that shouldn't be colored on. PlaSmart has created a solution for issues like these. The Magic Canvas. We have found Magic Canvas is also wonderful for car trips whether they are going for a half an hour to the local Walmart or on a four hour road trip to Ohio. Magic Canvas from PlaSmart is very entertaining.

The Magic Canvas was designed for children who are 12 months and older. This features a dual sided, reusable canvas. It also comes with a water stylus.

The stylus is filled with water and when your child uses the stylus on the canvas it will reveal hidden inspiring colors. There are two sides to this canvas so children can have an uninterrupted flow of creativity. The artwork on each side of the canvas will magically disappear within minutes. The creations on the Magic Canvas from PlaSmart will disappear and dry back to a blank canvas. Just flip it over and continue creating while one side is drying.

The Magic Canvas measures 1.5"x 13" x 10.75" . This is the perfect size for keeping my grandchildren occupied. I like that we can bring it with us on the go and it keeps them busy. The very best part about this is there are no mess and no cleanup when they are finished.

I love this. We no longer have to scrub the ink or marker off the kiddo's arms and legs. The walls no longer need to be scrubbed down. My grandchildren love it as well. They love how the colors magically appear also that they have a continuous place to create.

If you have a child or grandchild you should totally put this on your Christmas list. Your little ones are going to have hours of fun bringing their inner Picasso out on The Magic Canvas.

PlaSmart is a Canadian based global toy distributor established in 2003. This company chooses products that are simple smart and fun. They seek out interesting one-of-a-kind toys that meet their smart and simple philosophy, however, avoid toys that are difficult to understand or operate. Strong brand values and quality products tested to the highest standards form the foundation upon which PlaSmart was built. They continue to focus on toys and games that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, eye-hand coordination, problem solving and of course fun!

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  1. My kids loved doodling and drawing on theirs.. They enjoyed the light and how they changed colors..They would make a picture and leave it on as a night light.. They had fun and it was not messy to clean up.

  2. This looks like something my granddaughters would really enjoy and it would be a creative way to keep them occupied.