Friday, December 14, 2018

Mini Arcade Tetris Game Brings Back The 80's for the Holidays & Beyond

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We're you a kid during the 1980's? I always say the 80's was such a great time. I loved music and the arcade. We were all playing arcade games like Pacific Man Frogger, Tetris and King Kong.

The Tetris Retro hand held arcade game from Basic Fun Toys will take you right back to the 80's. This is an awesome blast from the past. My kids and I are having fun with this. It looks sounds and plays just I remember.

Tetris is an all time favorite. The blocks in this game fall and you have to twist and turn them to make them fit into place to make a whole line. The more lines you make the higher your score gets. The better you play the faster the blocks will fall though. Its a great relaxing game that many people I know love.

This mini arcade is a replica in looks, sounds and the way it plays. The graphics are bright and authentic, along with the joy stick control. It is all as exciting as the original was. You will need three AA batteries to use the mini hand held arcade.

I loved sharing this with the kids and they were pretty excited too, to be playing an arcade game that was my favorite while I was young. The mini arcade has a new brighter screen for gaming. It's really perfect for fans of arcade games or collectors. My kids have had hours of fun with it.
The people at Basic Fun are creators of fun. They are experts in play and makers of toys. They are leaders in Toy production and distribution with a focus on collectibles, small Dolls, retro toys, preschool, youth electronics, science toys and construction.

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  1. This was my favorite game when I was younger. I once babysat my nephew while my sister was pregnant with her 4 the child an she bought me a game boy an the Tetris game.

  2. Very great retro gift, brings people good memories