Monday, December 3, 2018

Missing Monday: Update on Hania Aguilar

I have to give an immediate disclaimer. This is a heart breaking update. It has really been bothering me. It's such a frustrating sadness when these cases end up with this kind of outcome.

This update is about Hania Aguilar. For those of you that missed our first post about Hania you can find it here who was abducted November 5, 2018 from Lumberton, North Carolina. She was only 13 years old. The authorities discovered what they believe is Hania's body in a body of water in Robeson County. Investigative leads had prompted a search for the missing girl in that area.

I am hoping that because they were prompted to this area that authorities were given some sort of lead that will lead to the person or people responsible for hurting this little girl. Authorities are asking that anyone having a surveillance cameras near Wire Grass Road in Robeson County please call the tip line at 910-272-5871. According to the F.B.I at this time there is no person of interest. They are asking the public to come forward if they have any tips. They want answers to when and how Hania's body was left there. This footage could be very important.

Police Chief of Lumberton Michael McNeill said he was "devastated" to make this "heart wrenching" announcement that the body recovered is Hania's. He wishes that they had a different outcome for Hania's family. An autopsy is going to be performed so that they will know the cause of death.

My heart and prayers go out to Hania's family. This is such a senseless tragedy. Why?? No answer in the world could be satisfying. I will also continue to hope that authorities are led straight to the perpetrator/perpetrators of this terrible crime and that Justice is served. I implore any readers who may live near this area if you know of anyone who may know a person who knows a person who thinks they might have seen something strange or seen a person acting strange - say something.

Rest In Peace Sweet Girl

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