Saturday, December 1, 2018

Playtime Reversible 3 in 1 Slumber Bag a Useful Fun Gift Idea

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently we had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a Playtime Edventures Girls Playtime Reversible 3 in 1 Slumber Bag designed with 25 fun interactive games. Playtime Edventures also have boys slumber bags in blue and sheet sets specifically for either boys or girls.

My daughter is just at the age where she is starting to have sleepovers with her cousins. I knew she would be happy and excited to know that next time she is invited to a sleepover she will be able to bring along her brand new Girls Playtime Reversible 3 in 1 Slumber Bag. It is a pink slumber bag designed with 25 games she'll be able to play with her little cousins. She has already tried it out, she and her brother camped out on the living room floor. They even got into playing some of these games that decorate the slumber bag. Their favorite is the Tic Tac Toe. She also talked me into playing checkers with her.

This is a beautifully bright and vibrant colored slumber bag filled with colors and shapes. The slumber bag is reversible so kids will always find something new. My daughter also uses it to cover up with while shes watching her favorite shows. It's versatile and comfortable.

This colorful slumber bag is recommended for kids 3 years and older, it will fit kids up to 5'10" with a lot of extra room to stretch. It was made with high quality material made easy to keep clean. The color has not faded, nor are there any loose threads after we have washed it. It is made using microfiber and poly-fill, safe to put in the washing machine.

My daughters loves her new slumber bag. She has already bragged to her cousins about it and how she would be bringing it to their next sleepover. She says it is warm and cozy, she loves all the pretty colors. She not only has her own comfortable place to sleep when she is not at home but she can have fun and learn with the sleeping bag as well. I really love just how versatile the sleeping bag is. Another plus is the games can be played with cutout paper so I don't have to worry about game pieces being all over the place or a child swallowing any.

The Girls Playtime Reversible 3 in 1 Slumber Bag was created by teachers and kids. The exact measurements when it is zipped are 26 in. x 56 in. and when it is unzipped up 56 in. x 56. in.

This would be perfect for the coming holidays. The price is affordable and it is something kids can enjoy for a long time. My son has put one on his Christmas wish list.

A husband and wife team with the help of passionate teachers and parents created playtime bed sheets. These were created because they would use their sons bed as a desk but it wasn't until they visited a friend who was sick in the hospital did they realize that there was very little stimulation in their kids hospital beds and rooms. Playtime bed sheets extended the play area of the room and provided kids a place where they can play, learn, sleep and heal. They quickly realized there playtime bed sheets and slumber bags were exactly what the doctor had ordered for kids everywhere. With over 50 interactive games they provide the perfect day time alternative to excessive TV watching, electronic devices and the perfect structure to get kids in bed.

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  1. This is so cute my grandaughter would love this.

  2. Nice thoughtful idea.. never seen a reversible one