Saturday, December 15, 2018

Santa Knows About Max Block Figure Set

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

My grandson is into building. He loves lego type toys and is always looking to add to his collection. If you are looking for value where building is concerned look no further than a brand available through Zuru called Max.

I'm sure if you have a child or grandson like mine you have been out this holiday season looking for the best deals on building blocks and sets that are compatible. You have probably seen some high prices, I know I have.

The Max brand is a premium toy construction block that really rocks! You are going to get max quality at max savings. Max dared to dream big and tasked their selves to the challenge of building a quality toy brick brand that did not break the bank so that you and your little ones can build more. They've spent endless nights cracking the click factor and working out the right formula to make their brick just as good as those other guys but, at a much better price! They stand behind their quality every brick is expertly made in machines that they have designed and built so that every brick is delivered with precision and quality you can feel.

These are available in various bulk packs and they are fully compatible with other major building brick brands. They have the same great quality without spending more.

The Max Build More bulk figure packs come with 15 of the most coolest Max figures. The pack includes the 15 interchangeable figures with 15 unique accessories.

I love that these have the same awesome quality at lower affordable prices. The Max line is great. You can get the Max Building blocks to go with the 15 figure set. They have a set of 759 pieces or a 253 that are also fully compatible with other brands as well.

These Max Bulk accessories is a perfect idea for the upcoming holidays. You can find these bulk sets available at Walmart.

#buildtothemax and have your child share their Max creations.

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