Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sled Legs a Gift for Everyone in the Family to Have Fun with Each Other

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Close to our home is a pretty large park. The kids like to go there frequently through the year. There is a play park in the summer, places to play basketball and soccer. In the Winter time there is a nice big hill in one corner of the parka where all the sled action is.

Recently I introduced my kids to Sled Legs. My youngest hasn't brought out his sled since. Sled Legs are the first ever wearable snow sleds. Sled legs combined the simplicity of sledding with the intensity and speed of skiing.

The makers of sled legs took the simple concept of sliding down a hill on your knees and turn it up a notch by combining the simplicity of sledding with the speed and the intensity of skiing. Unlike skiing there's no heavy expensive equipment, no crazy lift lines just the thrill of racing down the hill carving and launching off jumps.

The sled legs are simple. Anyone can pick up a pair and master them on their first run. My kids were on the hill a half hour and loved it, no sled to drag back up the hill. The sled legs are secured on your legs so you can trudge back up the highest snow hill hands-free. It is also easy to walk and run with the sled legs in place when you get to the top of the hill run and slingshot yourself down the hill for that extra speed. After you have finished you don't have to stop going, with the sled legs firmly attached to your legs you can jump back up and keep going.

Sled legs were created to withstand the harsh winter weather and deliver hours of fun on a hill in comfort. The durable polymer shell is designed for carving and strong enough for the impact. The soft foam insert cushions the knee, lifts the foot when cruising down hill and comfortably supports your shin. All of it is engineered by the team to be versatile comfortable and durable.

These are great and really goes to show that fun can still be simple. It also doesn't need to be expensive. The Sled Legs are an inexpensive way to stop putting off a trip to a snow hill you promised your kids.

These are safe, made from high quality material. They were very well made. Their strong enough to withstand all that snow fun. They also come in some pretty cool colors.

These would be a great gift this holiday season. A way to get the whole family out there in the action.

You can purchase Sled Legs HERE

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  1. These are neat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. That's a first I've seen such apparatus.. sledding fun!