Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sticky the Unicorn and Sticky the Unicorn Poo Fit For a Stocking

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My granddaughters are into fairy tales and castles. They love unicorns. Unicorns are a trendy thing right now. They are beautiful, mystical creatures. Well most of them.

Sticky the Unicorn from Hog Wild Toys, however, are sticky, squishy and poopy. Kids seem to love things like this too. Sticky the Unicorn and Sticky Unicorn Poo from Hog Wild Toys are two new toys that children can mold, squeeze, throw and stick. These toys are recommended for children who are 4 years old and up. They could be appealing and useful to anyone though. These could be used much like a stress ball is used.

Both of these toys have a soft skin and the middle of them are mold-able. This makes them stretchy and squeezable. These are also sticky so when you throw them at a flat surface they will stick. Both of these silly toys have a fun texture.

These toys are awesome to give to a child g having problems settling down. It gives them something to do with their hands and helps them to relax. This sort of toy helps my grandson calm down and refocus. He has some special needs. These two toys were made from high quality material, they will survive the rough play and last a very long time.

These two toys are the same kind of toy but they are sold separately. If you know someone who likes poop humor this cute Sticky Unicorn Poo is perfect holiday gift. If your little one likes unicorns, Sticky the Unicorn may be perfect for their stocking. The prices of these are affordable.

Founded in 1996 Hog Wild Toys live by these Simple Rules;

They sell innovative novelty products that are typically geared to older children and that cross over to adults. They try to be different and dance to their own beat when developing gifts and toys. They avoid competition whenever possible such as board games, fashion dolls and no flying disks. They're not the brightest bulbs in the warehouse but they do try and often own up to their mistakes. They like things simple because it's easier for them to understand.

Hog Wild is located in Portland Oregon. What you find at Hog Wild you typically don't find anywhere else.

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