Monday, December 17, 2018

Tonka Power Movers From Funrise

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Funrise has made Tonka Toys available. They know all about the need to make sure kids have fun and lots of playtime. They have tons of toys available to make play a great adventure.

Christina and I were talking about our brothers having Tonka Trucks way back when. They sure have made a good name for themselves. Our kids have an awesome time with the Tonka collections. Even my little girl has a blast. She loves the Tonka Power Movers. This is a super fun construction vehicle featuring new Motion Drive Technology.  Her and Mason play for the longest time and we sure appreciate the break.

This new Motion Drive Technology brings the dump truck, front loader, excavator and cement mixer vehicles to life.

Tonka Power Movers are rugged construction vehicles featuring the new Motion Drive Technology. Just push the vehicle forward to make the engine rev and activate the lights, push the vehicle backwards to hear back up sounds, work the mechanical feature of each vehicle to hear hydraulic sounds and flash the lights.

My little girl loves the interaction with the Tonka Power Mover. When the lights and sounds are activated she has an engaging and realistic experience.

These are a fantastic way for your children to have a great playtime adventure with Tonka toys. These are inexpensive high quality toys that are versatile and durable. They will last through all the rough play for years to come the way I see it.

Funrise was founded in 1987, they are a global innovator and industry leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of toys and games worldwide.

Delivering fun for kids of all ages, Funrise creates toys and games for high-profile brands including TONKA, GAZILLION, HERODRIVE, SUNNY BUNNIES, WONDER PARK, and is the creator, producer and brand owner for the upcoming TV series RAINBOW BUTTERFLY UNICORN KITTY.

You can purchase via Amazon, Target, Kmart, or Kohl's

You can connect with Tonka - Funrise via
Tonka/Funrise Facebook
You Tube


  1. Tonka has been around for a long time. I remember kids playing with their trucks when I was young. They have always been quality toys.

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