Thursday, December 13, 2018

What a Fun Teen Gift; Spy Code Hackathon from Yulu

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I love adding to our game collection all year long. When the weather is cold, there is nothing better than sitting around with the family having a game night. The following game from Yulu is one that has become a favorite of ours.

Spy Code Hackathon from Yulu was designed for 2 - 9 players, ages 8 years old and above. This is an interactive family game. Players will have to work together to decode the console. Before you begin enhancing your spy skills the game will require 3 AAA batteries.

Everyone will have a task to complete. One player will act as the hacker who will directly interact with the top secret console. The other players are the advisors who must decipher the challenges on the advisor cards. They will be telling the hacker how to break into the different modules. There are eight modules to solve. The hacker is allowed to look at the council but not at the cards. The advisors can look at the cards but not the hackathon console.

There are eight advisor cards, each of these cards has a series of brain teasers and puzzles. These cards are divided among the advisors. There are challenges on the card that the advisors will complete. They will then get a set of instructions to read out loud to the hacker. The hacker who cannot see the cards must rely on the verbal instructions about which buttons to press and which switches to turn to open the console. The console has a timer and the team must break through before the alarm goes off. The players can set the timer to whatever amount of time they would like with a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 20 minutes. There will be a beep for every second that ticks on the clock.

If the players are able to decode all of the modules in the set time they win. After every win the hacker and the advisors will rotate rolls so that everyone will get a turn to be in the hackers seat.

Players can adjust the timer to make the game easier or more challenging. Some of the advisor cards are going to be easy to decode, while others are going to be more challenging. The cards contain things like addition subtraction. While other advisor cards contains following mazes and mimicking a pattern of blinking lights on the console.

This is a game of teamwork. Everyone will have to use critical thinking and work together.

This game has a multiple series of puzzles. You will not play a couple times and grow bored. I promise you that. You should add this to your collection this holiday season.

Yulu believes that experiencing active play is fundamental in the development of a child they look all over the world to work together on new ideas and Innovations to increase the active play experience.

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