Monday, January 21, 2019

Missing Monday: FOUND Jayme Lynn Closs 13

I'm bringing you an update about Jayme Lynn Closs 13, a case we have previously shared First post HERE and Second Post HERE

Jayme Closs disappeared October 15, 2018 from Barron County, Wisconsin. The police department received a 911 call from Jayme's mothers cell phone. No one from the home actually spoke to the operator on this 911 call. After hearing some commotion and cries for help the police made it to the Closs's home in four minutes. They found Jayme's parents both fatally shot but Jayme was no where to be found. Immediately an Amber Alert was put forth.

On January 10, 2019 Jayme Closs, 13 years old approached a woman walking her dog. Jayme ran up to her crying she needed help. Jayme seemed confused about her location and crying that she needed help. The woman took Jayme to the nearest home where they made a call to 911.

Jayme proceeded to share bits of what had happened to her since she had been abducted. Jake Patterson, 21 years old, was the one whom shot and killed her parents and then loaded Jayme into the trunk of his car. She said she could hear the emergency vehicles as they drove away.

Jayme said her abductor her under his bed while he had company or if he had to go anywhere. He would stack bins and weights around the bed. He told Jayme if she made a noise she would get hurt.

On the 10th of January the perpetrator left and Jayme decided it was time. She pushed those bins away, put a pair of Jake Patterson's shoes on and ran.

Not long after Jake Patterson was apprehended in his car, probably looking for Jayme. He told police he knew why they had stopped him and he did it. He proceeded to tell them what had happened since taking Jayme, a lot lining up with what they were hearing from Jayme.

My heart breaks for Jayme. For 88 days after her parents were shot and killed she was held by the murderer. Long periods of time being spent hidden away under his bed. I'm so happy that this has ended for this family and Jayme was brought home alive. My prayers are that with her being surrounded by so much love she can eventually find healing and peace.

If you would like to support Jayme's GoFundMe-

Facebook Page Jayme Lynn Closs.

I purposely decided to leave out info about the perpetrator, you can find all those in many news posts online. I wanted to keep it more about Jayme and what a brave and amazing girl she is. We are sending her love and healing prayers.


  1. I'm glad that she was able to escape and is back with family. What a terrible thing she went through

  2. A bit happier ending than it could have been.

  3. I just read about this in People magazine. I'm so glad she's back with her family.

  4. I am praying for this young girl, she's been through so much! I want to say thank you for sharing the missing people and the updates!

  5. I saw this on the news. I am so glad she was found safe. That had to be terrifying for her!