Monday, January 14, 2019

Missing Monday: Emily Wade

Emily Wade went missing January 5th 2019, from Ennis, Texas, after telling her mother she would be going to a co-workers house to have pizza and watch a movie.

Emily is a 38 year old mother, originally from Kentucky. Her daughter is 7 years old. Emily works at the local Chili's restaurant in Ennis. She was driving her mother's 2012 Nissan Altima with Kentucky licence plate number 411 PAZ. A male friend says that he last seen Emily drive away around 830 pm that same night. Police said this man is cooperating with them.

Emily's mother Shirley Wade says she is scared to death. She loves her daughter very much and just'wants her to come home.

Emily's bank account has not been touched and a cell phone she used only for text messaging has not been used. Both the family and the police are baffled by this. Emily has disappeared without a trace.

Jared Jones, the father of Emily's daughter says they just want Emily home. Jared and Emily share custody of their daughter. As of four days after Emily's disappearance he had not yet told their daughter. He said this is going to break her heart.

Emily has never done anything like this says her mother. She says Emily would never worry her like this or leave her daughter.

If anyone has any information about the disappearance or whereabouts of Emily Wade please contact Det. Sgt. Rodney Rickman or Det Sgt Jason York at 972-875-1234 Ext. 2293.

I could find no official poster or information giving all the usual info about weight, height, what she was last wearing because this case is so new. I still think it is important to share what information we do have.

We are praying for the safe return of Emily Wade.


  1. I'm from Kentucky. I'll share this since a lot of my Facebook friends and Family are also in KY. I know she went missing from Texas, but you never know, since she's from KY, someone here might know something.

  2. That is very scary. I hope she is found safe and SOON. Thanks for sharing. I passed it on.

  3. Sad to hear about her disappearing. Hope she is found alive and well.

  4. Sad that she was ever lost, definitely a miracle to find