Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Animating For Beginners

Guest Post: Kayla Lanphere age 12.

Animating is a fun and easy activity to do if you are bored and want to try something new. All it takes is patience and a tad of creativeness.

Animating is taking multiple images of something and putting them together to make a smooth video. There is two types of animating.

Whether it’s on paper or online both are really intriguing to do.
I prefer digital because it takes less time and it is much more simpler
without all the work of trying to keep everything organized.

Paper animating takes a lot of time to do. To animate on paper you need paper, a writing utensil, tracing paper or regular paper. All you have to do is draw a character or whatever you want to use and draw it on multiple pieces of paper only changing small things on each paper.

Digital animating is a lot different but with the same idea. I use the app FlipaClip which is a good app for beginners. Like with paper animating you will need to draw the same thing on each frame changing only a little bit throughout each frame.

Overall, animating is a fun activity to do if you are looking for a new skill to try or master. Whether it be paper animating or digital.



  1. This looks like a great app for my sister, she loves to draw. I will have to recommend this to her, she is 11

  2. Animating seems like an amazing, fun career for kids with drawing skills. It's amazing what they can do with animation.