Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Have you Heard of Eddsworld?

Guest Post from Kayla Lanphere age 12

Eddsworld is an unofficial animated show in which four characters, Tom, Edd, Tord and, Matt, mess around and do dumb things. Whether it be traveling through space or playing around in the ocean, they are sure to make you laugh.

Edd is the main character of Eddsworld. He’s easily persuaded and falls for Tord’s tricks in the last episode, “The End.” His actor and animator of the show, Edd Gould, died in 2012 from cancer, causing the show to end. He has brown short hair and is known for his green hoodie and love of cola.

Tom is my personal favorite in Eddsworld, followed up by Tord, who he constantly gets in fights with. His parents are a bowling ball and a pineapple. He has brown, spiked, gravity defying hair and is well known for his black eyes and blue hoodie. He is voiced by Thomas Ridgewell or Tomska on Youtube.

Tord is very popular, well known character and he left half way through the show due to the fan base and how people often harassed him online. He has light brown hair with two horns in the front. He is well known for his red hoodie and Norwegian accent.

Matt is another cool character from Eddsworld. He loves himself more than anything else and always is caught looking in a mirror. He has spiky, orange, gravity defying hair. He is well known for his purple hoodie with a green overcoat.

The most popular episode is “The End” because it’s the final episode and there is a lot of drama. Tord comes back and ends up getting Tom out of the house so he can put his plan into action. Tord only comes back to get his robot and tries to take over the world, only to be stopped by Tom.

Overall, Eddsworld is a interesting show and I recommend it if you are looking for a show to watch on YouTube


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