Sunday, February 24, 2019

Missing Monday: Serenity June Dennard Age 9

Serenity June Dennard was last seen February 3, 2019 leaving The Black Hills Children Home at 10:45 am. The Black Hills Children Home is a behavioral center for children. At about 11:20 am, that Sunday morning Serenity was last sighted near the Children's Home. My understanding is Serenity ran away towards the woods. I also read that the road the Black Hills Children home is located on relatively secluded near Keystone and Rockerville. The Sheriff's Office was notified of her disappearance at 12:26 pm. There was an alert posted on Facebook at 4:57 pm. They searched for Serenity until the weather and night conditions forced them to stop at around 10 pm.

Serenity June Dennard is a 9 year old Caucasian girl. She has shoulder length blonde hair. Serenity was only wearing a long sleeved gray shirt with a flower print, blue jeans and black snow boots when she ran away from the Black Hills Children's home. She was not dressed properly for the weather conditions, that is very concerning. The picture of Serenity posted here was just taken Saturday February 2, 2019, a day before her disappearance.

By February 5, 2019 three days later, more than a hundred people had been involved with the search for Serenity. Their focus has been a 1 mile radius. Deputies spoke to people who lived and worked in the area. I believe I read that they served three search warrants and conducted around 188 interviews. Dozens of law enforcement officers and specially trained search dogs combed the Black Hills in the ensuing days. The Pennington County Sheriff's Office has since begun treating the rescue as a recovery, they say Serenity would not likely have survived several nights outside in sub-zero temperatures. The search has been halted as authorities regroup and determine their next steps.

This area is a hilly terrain that has been very slick. It has been very hard for the searchers to navigate this area. The sub zero temperatures have took their toll on the search and rescue teams. It is possible Serenity is in a mine or a cave because this area is full of them. Somehow, some way I pray she has made use of one of these mines or a cave and can be rescued alive very soon. It has been many days though and the weather has prohibited effective and safe out door searches.

Serenity Dennard remains a top priority for The Sheriff's Office and the F.B.I. They continue everyday to work hard on finding this missing little girl.

The Black Hills Children Home has released a statement saying they pray for Serenity's safe return. If you want to read their full statement you can find it at Keloland

You can also see more information and leave prayers if you desire on the Facebook page. If anyone has any information on the disappearance or whereabouts of Serenity June Dennard please call Sheriff's Office at 605-394-6115

My prayers will continue to be with Serenity and her family. Here at Mom To Grandma, we just can't imagine not knowing where one of our precious little ones are. If they are warm and safe... Our hearts go out to this family and the community of Pennington.

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