Thursday, February 14, 2019

Living Squad Binoculars Education Away from the Screens

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to receive two sets of binoculars for kids from Living Squad . We received two brightly colored, green and pink binoculars for a boy and a girl. They are really cute. These can be used for fun or educational purposes.

These Living Squad binoculars come included with accessories such as the Belt Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth, a 2-Foot Long Neck Strap, Hand Strap, and a operations manual.

The binoculars have a great design. The rubber eyepieces are larger adding a protection so children don't get hurt. The eyepieces are foldable to be worn with glasses and can be adjusted to match eye to eye distance. A powerview lens with BAK4 prism blue coating optics they deliver clear and colorful images. The magnification is awesome! It brings the world 8X times closer to your child, and 7.2 continue viewing angle. Children can learn pretty quickly that focusing the binoculars are very easy. Simply turn the dial in the center and it will bring their world into focus. Living Squad binoculars are high quality. Seriously, you will want your child to share these with you.

These are totally safe for children. They were made with durable shockproof plastic and a rubber harness to absorb shock during falls.

These are perfect for children. The Ergonomic design ensures a full grip that's easy and fun for kids to hold. They are a great device for STEM learning. You also will get a free protective storage case.

About LivingSquad;
Living Squad is a brand created to provide kids with tech-free toys and games. Their mission is to deliver high-quality toys and gadgets that encourage kids to use their imagination, explore nature and the simplicity of life

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  1. These look great, I love the color options. These would be great for my son

  2. These are so nice! When we were kids, my older brother had "grownup" binoculars, and we loved it when he'd let us look through them. I can imagine kids would adore these!