Thursday, March 28, 2019

Charades for Kids (Travel) for those Road Trips

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It's around that time of year when families start taking vacations. When your checking your list for things to take with you, it's important to remember some fun activities for the kids. If not that ride is going to seem much longer than it actually is. Sometimes the games we play as a family on those long trips are one of my favorite things about the vacation. We talk and laugh with each other, it's so much fun.

This year we will be taking a brand new game for the kids called Charades for Kids-Travel. Charades is a classic, its always been a favorite game of mine.
Charades for Kids-Travel is designed especially for kids of all ages. There are three levels of clues. There are 150 Charade cards with a picture on each card. There is no reading required. Although the combination of the picture and corresponding words will help reinforce early reading skills. Young children can act out a cat or a bumblebee. Older children can read the simple phrases and act out actions like eating spaghetti or playing the guitar.

This is a small version of Charades that is wonderful for traveling. There are three levels of play. I like that all the kids can play this together with no issues. There is no reading required so the much younger kids can play as well. It helps keep the kids active and having fun. It's absolutely great family fun.

Game Contents:

  • 150 Charade Cards with 450 Charades
  • Sand Timer
  • Game Die
  • Complete Instructions

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    1. I think this game would be awesome for my grandkids when they are traveling

    2. I love this idea for a travel game. Would be a lot of fun for the kids.

    3. This looks like such a cute game! I'm hoping to take a vacation with my son's family this summer. This would be great for keeping my grandchildren entertained while we're traveling!