Sunday, March 24, 2019

Missing Monday: August Reiger

August Reiger was just 18 years old when he vanished without a trace along a hiking trail in the Ecuadorian resort town of Banos. He had just graduated from Classen Advanced Studies in May 2013 as the valedictorian of his class, and had plans on attending the University of Oklahoma. As a way of celebrating this milestone August's parents took him and his brother on a vacation to Ecuador. August was very interested in the culture of this area.

On June 16, 2013 the family decided to go on a hike. August was hiking ahead of his family and told them he would meet them at the top of the trail. The trail took a few hours to finish but August's parents Chris and Randa Reiger were not very far behind August. Yet they reached a pavilion at the top of the mountain and discovered August was not there. The family returned to their hotel room to see if August had made his way back and he wasn't there either. August was not carrying his passport or any money.

The local authorities immediately began to search for August. The Ecuadorian Military Personnel were called in to help with this search and rescue. There were no clues left behind as to what happened to August Reiger. Banos is a popular tourist area in Ecuador and reportedly not known for disappearances and kidnappings.

August's parents Chris and Randa believe that there is no possibility that Chris disappeared because he wanted to. To them, this possibility is out of the question. It had been a thought that August may have fallen somewhere during the hike.

The International search for August was reignited after authorities reported two possible sightings of him. The Ecuadorian police said that he had been spotted inside a pickup truck headed into the Amazon. This has led the family to believe their son may have been kidnapped. There have been no demands for a ransom and the family so far has not been contacted by any kidnappers.

President Barack Obama was informed and debriefed about August Reiger's disappearance and possible sightings. President Obama labeled August Reiger a "missing patriot"

August's family has publically asked any possible kidnappers for mercy. To those that might have August, they ask that he is kept safe and be brought home. A Facebook page was created to share information and developments in the search for August.

Theories about August's disappearance have been passed over the years. Some people wonder if August wanted to see more of the area. At the tender age of 18 most of us are curious and we want to seek out whats beyond the little world around us. Is it possible August was just curious and injured himself in the process? There are people who think that this might be the case and his body has not been discovered yet.

There's a couple problems with this theory from the view of many including myself is there was the intensive search that included military assistance. The trail was tame and visible from the hotel the Reiger's were staying at. This is a beautiful tourist's area that is not isolated. I believe that these reasons among others is why the disappearance of August was initially treated as a kidnapping despite no ransom ever being demanded.

Another theory is August just simply ran off. This is highly unlikely to his parents, a theory I think I have mentioned here already that they don't consider a possibility. August was a happy teen with plans and goals for his future. After all I have read and heard about this case I too think its very unlikely August decided to run off. He didn't even carry his passport that day on the hike.

We also send out our continued prayers that August Reiger will be reunited with his family.

As always I end this post with love and light, Bree

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  1. That is just terrible. I hope they find him and he is alright.