Monday, April 29, 2019

Brick mates Fun for the Little Ones

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We love to get our little ones around here puzzles and blocks. They love playing with them, but puzzles and blocks are probably the most annoying out of all the kid's toys. We are always finding puzzles pieces around the house. A lot of times the kids will do a puzzle to find that there is one piece missing. We usually never find the puzzle piece and end up throwing the whole puzzle away. It's a constant annoyance. What needs to be said about children's bricks? If you are a parent, I am almost sure you have stepped on one of these.

We have been introduced to Brick mates  and what a game changer they offer. Brick mates learning puzzles are brightly colored 3D learning puzzles that have baseboards that are compatible with popular preschool bricks. The puzzle pieces pop up at playtime and snap back in when it is time to put them away.

Brandi Lynn has been playing with the Brick mates 3D farm puzzle. She loves it because she loves animals. I also think that it is easier for her to use the concept of the pieces popping out and snapping back into place much easier than other puzzles

This is a STEM toy recommended for children two years old and older. It will show kids a little farm in the background with puzzle pieces they snap into place with animals such as a dog, chicken, lamb, horse, cow, cat and a bird.

The kids are also enjoying the Brick mates Stack by number activity set. Kids will stack bricks and use stickers for their very own 3D art. This is the " Mom look what I made" STEM toy for children who are five years old and above.

Stack by number activity sat why is designed from the ground up to be fun and. To help children reach age-appropriate milestones.

A clear base plate reveals a full color numbered template. Children will follow the number pattern for how high to stack their bricks. The color fields well tell which color bricks to use they will complete this with some puffy stickers. This is also compatible with other popular brick playsets such as Lego Duplo and Mega Bloks.

What is fantastic about this. You're not going to step on these bricks. This is quick and easy to clean up and store. It even includes convenient zip-top storage bags. The frame and stud hold the tablet and background Graphics together while the bricks Snap-on to the studded baseboard so it stays secure. Children can start now and finish it up later it will all hold together nicely. When you put them away the pieces will stay together.

These are great STEM toys. They will help with cognitive skills, emotional skills, physical skills and educational skills. These are so many excellent reasons that make these toys a great choice besides these types of toys means less screen time, less time on electronic devices which is always a better thing.

The Brick mates products are made using safe high-quality material. You will be pleased to know that these products are not costly yet they are going to last a very long time. I love that the kids are not only having fun with these toys, their learning as well.

Brick mates were created and designed by a mom who first wondered Why hadn't anyone come up with a way to snap the pieces of the puzzles onto the boards so that they stayed together? She decided to start looking at toys through the eyes of a mother with children once she started having children. She wanted to buy toys for her kids to help them discover, learn, reach and exceed their milestones. The parent in her had an idea.

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  1. I love that this puzzle holds onto all of the pieces. We lose so many in our house! And the Stack by Numbers looks like an amazing STEM toy. I bet it keeps the kids busy and they are learning at the same time!

  2. This is such a neat toy! My grandchildren love puzzles and blocks, so I'm sure they would really enjoy this. I like that it's compatible with other brick playsets too.