Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jennifer Dawn's Best Planner Ever

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My family often jokes about me being a procrastinator. I like to write lists and to do's but they get lost in the chaos of the day. I needed one place to plan and structure my life. Then I received the Best Planner Ever and found everything I needed in this amazing planner.

The Best Planner Ever from Jennifer Dawn is a beautifully greenish blue, teal color. It is simple yet has everything one would need for success. It is printed in black and white so that there is no distractions from diving right in and getting it messy, making it your own.

The planner focuses on functionality. It has a strong spiral binding holding everything together so that you can either lay it flat on the table or fold it in half. The cover is laminated, a huge plus for me was that the planner seems heavy duty, meaning its held together great. The paper inside is easy to write on, it's not shiny and slick. This was another plus for me, I love to write and there is so much space for my everyday life in this planner. I love the style of this planner it has so much space for writing

This planner is a little different from others. Jennifer Dawn gives you guidance about using the planner. She gives examples and some of her ideas for getting projects done. I really like that she incorporated her thoughts and ideas along with the monthly inspiring quotes. April's quote is perfect;

"Plan your daily work, and work your daily plan"

Some key features of the Best Planner Ever are:

  • Vision pages- You use this page has to create a picture of the life you want to live. This will help you stay on track and be focused on your goals.
  • Day Intentions- Start your day and finish your day how you want to!
  • Self Care- This section is where you remember that a part of being successful is taking care of yourself.
  • Reflection- I really love this space in the planner. It is a journal space where you can reflect about each week. How did you feel about a certain tasks. These are the pages you will be able to look back on and see all that you have accomplished.

    The planner also has the basics such as weekly and monthly planning list, a full dated calendar. It also has a place for all those sticky notes I love to use! There are quick monthly reference tabs. There are appointment time slots from 6am to 6pm.

    This planner is a great starting place for people like me who need structure. The tasks are prioritized instead of being those long endless lists, your pulling your hair out because you don't know where to begin. This prompts you every day to get clear on top priorities. You are going to start reflecting about certain tasks that are just a waste of time. Just when you thought dinner was forgotten, that space is there as well. I find that instead of thinking about whats for dinner everyday, create a list of dinners for the whole week.

    I really think that this planner was created with everything one needs to be on a road towards success. I really like it and honestly it has encouraged me to take more accountability for the tasks I choose to do. I find that sometimes I agree to do things that only wind up making me frazzled in the end. This planner is going to help me stay on track. In fact Im going to input this in my planner, in 6 to 7 months I'm going to come back out with another post to let you all know how me and my planner are working together.

    Jennifer Dawn is a busy mother of three children and a successful business coach. She has mentored thousands of business owners and professionals on how to "keep track of it all" without losing your sanity and soul in the process.

    She has taken two businesses into the millions and is working on her third right now. This time around she is doing it differently over the years she has learned hard work and focus can certainly achieve results, however it's stress-free productivity that delivers a much bigger bang for your "effort" buck.

    Jennifer kept hearing this from her friends and clients, "I have so much trouble staying organized" "I feel like a slave to my day." Does this sound familiar?

    Jennifer wanted to create a simple tool for herself and for her clients that could easily and effortlessly help to tame the chaos of the day but also help to achieve their goals with less effort. This is how the best planner ever was born and it is a daily calendar, planner, scheduler but it is also a mindset to all which helps to set people up for success each day. She has combined proven time management strategies with powerful law of attraction practices to create a daily planner that does more. More feeling good. More inspired action. More success. and a lot less busy work and wasted effort. The key to getting the most from this planner is Not to complete every line. Instead take time to really think about where you want to be. Create a picture of your ideal life on the vision pages. Map out the bench marks to create it but goals page. Then take daily inspired action. Say no anything that doesn't move you forward. Say yes to self care, gratitude and just enjoying the ride.

    Jennifer Dawn provides workshops, training, and coaching. Everything you need to achieve results in life.

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    Best Planner Ever

    1. I confess. I'm one of those people. I make lists and love planners. This one looks really nice.

    2. I also am a a procrastinator. I really love this planner!

    3. Great post - I can't believe I have never heard of this planner before! I am an avid planner user (I had a bullet journal all of last year as well!), so I always love to compare different types. This one looks like I should check it out, as my planner will need to be replaced soon. Thanks for sharing!!
      -Jenna ♥
      Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    4. I do have to confess to being a list maker. This planner is awesome! I love to see the different types