Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mom Will Love the Fissler Adamant Pan

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

To begin, I must state that it is rare for me to ever find a cooking or frying pan that is truly satisfying. I often times find that even after paying top dollar, the quality of the cookware is not the greatest. Recently, I was sent the Adamant pan from Fissler US to review and I found myself impressed.

Fissler's Adamant pan has an unusually tough non-stick sealing with silicon carbide particles. This makes the innovative surface texture of the pan hard like stone. It makes this pan scratch resistant. I know, I know there are other lines of pans that claim scratch resistant and you get them home and they have scratch marks within a week. Not this one.

The secret of the Adamant pan lies in the extremely tough finish containing the silicon carbide particles. The pan has the excellent non-stick properties along with an outstanding thermal conductivity, this makes it perfect for gentle or crispy frying.

The pan features the all-hob base, meaning it is suitable for every type of hob, including induction. The pan has an extra large frying area and a high rim. This allows several portions to be cooked and turned quickly. It has an ergonomic safety handle that fits well in your hand and protects against the heat. A hook in function for the premium quality glass lid provides extra convenience while integrated measuring scale makes it easy to dose liquids. Another excellent thing about the pan is the stainless steel spatter shield with the convenient handle hook in keeps the hot water and fat from spraying uncontrollably. This frees up your hands and makes for a cleaner work area.

This pan has been manufactured with high-quality materials yet does not break the bank bringing it home. I don't have to worry about one of my teens forgetting that I've told them a dozen times no metal spatulas on the pans. They can use the metal spatulas and the pan will be fine. In fact, we used the pan to fry up some bacon using both metal as well as silicone and the experience turned out great. The pan is also very easy to wash and keep clean.

Fissler is a 6th generation family owned company and internationally known for producing premium cookware made in Germany.

They are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. Whether it is developing new products or driving innovations forward they always strive to achieve one goal, to make cooking a fun and filling experience by creating the best possible products.

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