Sunday, April 21, 2019

Spring Should Be Safety First; Meet Aero Safety Gear from Flybar

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Spring has rolled back around and the kids who were getting way to antsy in the house are now excitedly riding their scooters, bikes, etc up n' down the sidewalk.

Much to their dismay, we had to make them wait a few extra days. We were waiting on getting all their helmets and safety gear for scooter and bike riding. I stress to them how important it is to be wearing these items because one never knows what could happen and these could be what saves your life. It is so sad to hear someones been in an accident and has a brain injury as a result of not wearing a helmet. Safety should always be first. We have had great success with our Flybar Aero Scooter, therefore, why go elsewhere?

We looked to Flybar as they offer the Aero Protective Safety Gear Set that includes one set of knee pads, one set of elbow pads and one set of wrist guards for ultimate multi-sport protection.

Each of these Flybar Aero safety gear pieces are impact resistant. Each piece features soft breathable neoprene materials with durable and strong ABS hard caps to withstand falling and impacts. The wrist guards feature a rigid shaped ABS plastic on the palm side of the guard.

Each of these pieces has adjustable straps that make them flexible to fit multiple sizes. These are made using high-quality material. They will fit and adjust comfortably, no one will have to wear them too tight or too loosely. This safety gear set comes in five different sizes X-small for XS Junior, small for the small Junior, medium for ages 11-15, large for 16+ and X-large for adults.

The safety gear set was made to protect and last. It's not only made with safety as the priority but this set is also stylish, at an affordable price.

The Youth Dual Safety Certified helmet we received from Flybar is CPSC and EN1078 for biking, skateboarding, bmx, pogoing, rollerblading and riding scooters.

These are also made using the strong ABS material for the outer shell while the foam on the inner lining is EPS. These were made to protects little heads from the impact of falls. It features an adjustable spin dial on the back of the helmet to ensure a safe and perfect fit.

These helmets come in five different colors pink, orange, black, green and blue. On the small helmets there are 10 stylish vents that will help keep your child cool. On the medium and large helmets there are 13 vents.

These helmets come in three sizes s, m and l. To ensure proper fitting of one of the helmets measure the circumference of the head starting in the middle of the forehead. It is important to wear the right size.

I also like that these are made with high-quality materials to keep children safe. They come in cute stylish colors and are inexpensive.

Flybar has been around since 1918. They are known as the Original Pogo Stick Company. They work tirelessly to bring their customers exciting new products beyond the Pogo stick. They have moved on to become an all-around sporting goods company.

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  1. The helmet looks awesome! Nice that it is inexpensive as well. It looks very sturdy

  2. It looks like an awesomely safw and well fitting the colors