Saturday, May 4, 2019

With Summer on the way Mom will Love the Zassenhaus Hot and Cold Brew infuser from Frieling

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

If you are looking for a cup of hot coffee, I serve it up fresh every day. For years I have used a regular coffee pot. Recently, I have been using the Zassenhaus Hot and Cold Infuser from Frieling.

This hot and cold infuser from Frieling combines tradition and modern design. There’s no need to buy any paper filters for this infuser. It comes with a stainless steel microfilter. The coffee drips through this stainless steel micro filter into a stylish glass made from Borosilicate.

To prepare coffee, you will only need some grounded coffee beans and some hot or cold water. The stainless steel microfilter preserves the coffees full aroma and eliminates the need for the paper filters It’s pretty cool that you can prepare and serve up the coffee in the same glass jug.

I know that cold coffee has become popular. Many people I know drink it, but I am still quite traditional with my coffee, I like a fresh cup of hot coffee. I heat up my water and then pour the hot water over the grounded coffee beans in the filter. Then let it infuse. I like my coffee strong. The longer you let the coffee infuse the stronger it will be. When it is to your liking you will remove the filter and pour your coffee from this gorgeous carafe. This carafe comes with a glass lid with silicone gasket. This helps prevent the coffee from spilling over.

This beautiful glass carafe would be a good fit into any kitchen or dining area. It would be great for areas like this that are just too small for big coffee pots. The coffee is very easy to make. The pieces are BPA safe and simple to wash, they are also dishwasher safe. The 9.4” Borosilicate glass jug holds 8 cups (34oz.).

This would be great for anyone who loves their coffee. There are other drinks you can infuse with this as well such as tea. Tea, hot or cold is another favorite of mine. It’s simple to put some tea bags with water in the infuser the night before and let it steep in the fridge. The next day you have a nice cold refreshing jug of ice tea to enjoy.

Frieling does a few things differently than other companies. In fact, they coined “Frieling Feeling”, a befitting expression that suddenly appeared. They say it is contagious because so many of their customers have been with them since their beginning and keep coming back for more of that “Frieling Feeling”.

Frieling was established in New York in 1988 and relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1990. Driven by the Vision to become a meaningful purveyor to the American hotel/restaurant industry, they also established a strong presence in the retail industry.

Since 1988 Frieling has specialized in fresh solutions, this means the team has passionately developed and sourced functional and well-designed products of the highest quality. Such a focused approach synergistically integrates several product categories, creating a convenient “one stop shop” for their customers. The Frieling mission is simple. It is seeking fresh solutions for their customers because nobody wants to be sold yet another product there are plenty already. Their daily goal, therefore, is to offer a solution to a problem - a fresh solution.

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