Monday, June 10, 2019

All-Terrain Sound Rugged Outdoor Speaker

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It is finally that time of year in our neck of the woods for outdoor activities. It felt like Winter was not going to come to an end. We are excited about this warm weather and all the fun summer brings.

We are all about boating, hiking, camping, swimming among other outdoor activities we love. This year we will be bringing along the All-Terrain Sound Rugged Outdoor Speaker from FRESHe TECH.

This speaker from FRESHe TECH All-Terrain Sound Rugged Outdoor Speaker is a rugged, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker. It is the perfect speaker for all those outdoor activities and an active lifestyle. It is designed to stand up to outdoor life such as camping, swimming, fishing, and hiking.

The speaker is designed and built for the outdoors, it can withstand drops up to 10 plus feet on the concrete, this makes it extremely durable. It can handle rain, sand, and mud.

The features of the All Terrain Speaker are great. It gives users the ability to pause and skip songs, adjusts volume, and answer phone calls directly from the device. Isn't it great, there is never a reason to put your phone in harm's way while enjoying an outdoor activity.

It is completely waterproof. The speaker can be completely submerged in water. They have tested this and you can be assured the speaker still works great. It has awesome sound quality. This Bluetooth portable speaker is rechargeable with a micro USB charger. It is fully charged and ready for 12 to 14 hours.

We love this high-quality durable speaker. The sound quality is superb. It is a loud crisp sound. It's not heavy and bulky. It is lightweight, it features an oversized Carabiner style hook that will attach to just about anything it can be clipped onto.

The speaker is easy to use with all the control buttons like skip, pause/play, back, it answers and ends calls. It also features the volume for low and loud listening. It easily pairs to Bluetooth for a great quality sound. It also has a built-in microphone for speakerphone conversations. It will fully charge in about 90 minutes.

This is the perfect Fathers Day gift, especially if your dad is the outdoors type. It's also perfect for tweens and teens. If it can stand up to the elements, it's perfect to stand up to the roughness of kids. It works well with all Apple iPads and iPhones, Android devices, and Bluetooth enabled devices.

Freshe Tech is an American product development company located in Orlando Florida. They design, develop, and manufacture, market and sell consumer electronics and provide professional services to corporations inventors and startups. Their team is comprised of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, and inventors. They dream of ideas and they make them a reality. After releasing their first product Splash Tune they realized they were on to something as this quickly became the top-selling Bluetooth shower speaker in the country.

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All-Terrain Sound Rugged Outdoor Speaker


  1. This would be great for cookouts

  2. It might be good for those who can't stand to be without music. For me, I want quiet when I'm in the woods.

  3. Oh this is fabulous for hikes, camping and just being outdoors.

  4. What an impressive speaker! I love how durable it is. I've got a lot of family members who enjoy the outdoors and would really love this. It would be nice to use when I'm outside gardening too.

  5. I like that it's waterproof. That's a big bonus with Summer activities.

  6. This is a really awesome speaker. I like that it is very rugged for the outdoors. My son would love this speaker.