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Missing Monday: Madeleine Beth McCann

Welcome back to our Missing Monday post. The missing person case is well known around the world. I wanted to include Madeleine McCann's case on our blog. Madeleine's disappearance made huge International headlines when she disappeared on May 3rd, 2007 from a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal. This is in the Algarve in Portugal.

Madeleine Beth McCann was born May 12, 2003, to Dr. Kate and Gerry McCann in Leicester, England. She would now be 15 years old.

The McCanns were on holiday with seven other friends and they had eight children with them in total. On the evening of Thursday, May 3, 2007, the parents of little Maddie left her and her two-year-old twin siblings, Amelie and Sean, unattended in their rented holiday apartment while they dined nearby at Tapas restaurant with friends. Each of the parents took turns checking on their children including Gerry and Kate, who made sure to check on the children every half an hour when they started dining at around 8:30pm. I have read that there are about 180 feet between the apartments and the restaurant. It was around 10 p.m. that Kate went to check on her children and discovered that little Maddie's bed was empty.

Residents and staff started to immediately search for little Maddie. Local law enforcement arrived on the scene at around 10:15 p.m. A full police hunt was launched in efforts to find Madeleine, investigators used notified border controls, search dogs and alerted airports about her disappearance.

Law enforcement noticed that a latch lock on the sliding glass window in the room, but the McCanns thought they had locked it at the beginning of their stay, although, they were not sure. It was in possible to determine if the window was or wasn't locked that night because officials learned that cleaners would often open the shutters and windows in the rooms to air them out.

Portuguese police were criticized later for what many people believed were lapses in judgment, including not sealing off the apartment as a potential crime scene, as well as not collecting the bedding from the room Madeleine was sleeping in for evidence.

Madeleine's family appealed for the publics help and steadfastly denied any wrongdoing in the disappearance of their daughter. Some believed they had knowledge of what happened to Madeleine. The police even suspected them in the first year after Madeleine went missing. They labeled the McCanns "arguidos" this word meaning they were suspects.

The police believed something happened to Madeleine causing her death in the apartment and the parents were faking an abduction. They said they even believed all seven people vacationing with them were covering for the McCanns. None of the seven friends were officially named suspects. All of them cooperated willingly and voluntarily with the investigation.

One of the seven friends vacationing with the McCanns had reported spotting a man walking quickly across the top of the road in front of her carrying a sleeping girl in pink pajamas and heading to the other Road of the apartment complex. At the time she didn't think anything of this and returned to the table where they were dining.

The search for Madeline became one of the biggest news stories of the decade. Madeleine's parents became regularly seen on the news and the subjects of intense public scrutiny while police were accused of incompetence.

There have been many unidentified people of interest. Many have come forward to describe people of interest who to this day haven't yet to be identified. In October 2007, Scotland Yard released sketches of a man. This was around the time the mcCanns were at dinner. Later in 2013, it was announced he unlikely had any connection with the case. In 2009 police released drawings of a man described as very ugly who had been seen acting suspiciously in the days leading up to Madeleine's disappearance. The same year in August, a woman with an Australian accent became the focus of attention, she was described as a Victoria Beckham lookalike. She also has never been located. The same has been said of the identified woman in purple who was announced as a person of interest as recently as May 2017. It was reported that the mcCanns had been informed in November 2018 of two specific and active leads.

Kate and Gerry Mccann appeared on television multiple times to tell their story and plead for information. They implemented a successful publicity campaign that kept the disappearance of their daughter in the public eye in many countries.

There are many ins-and-outs to this case. The Portuguese police investigation into Madeleine's disappearance closed in July 2008. It was officially stated that the McCann's were no longer suspects in the disappearance of their daughter. Scotland Yard again conducted a review of the investigation this was known as Operation Grange on May 8th, 2011. They announced in April 2012 that they believe Madeleine might still be alive.

Recently Netflix has come out with a series about the disappearance of Madeline McCann. The parents of Madeline have declined to take part in this series. They say that there is no new information to offer and they're afraid the series might hinder the investigation. The McCann's continue to pray and have hope that their daughter returns home one day.

I, too, send prayers that little Madeleine is safely returned to her family.

What are your thoughts on this missing case?

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