Monday, June 10, 2019

Setting the Table: Part 2 in a Domestic Violence Series

Domestic Violence is a serious problem in our nation. It’s often thought of as one of the Nation’s biggest secrets because people are ashamed to come forth. They feel like it’s “airing out the family’s dirty laundry”, they try to keep such issues as quiet as possible. Like a few issues, I feel Domestic Violence needs to be exposed.

Domestic Violence occurs when a person uses physical violence, coercion, threats, isolation, emotional, sexual, or economic abuse to control another person. Domestic Violence is a violation of our right to all have healthy and safe relationships.

When people think of Domestic Violence they often think of a man battering a woman, but that is not always the case. Any man or woman of any age can be a victim of Domestic Violence. The abuser can be male or female. Sadly, I believe there are many cases of emotional abuse that goes on for years. Sometimes,  people who have mental health issues, may not even know they are being emotionally abused.

One case of Domestic Violence inside a family can cause turmoil for more than one generation. If a mother is physically or emotionally abused by the father or vice verse this will affect the children. They will either continue a cycle of abuse or have mental and emotional issues. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. Let’s expose Domestic Violence. Let’s talk about it out here in the open. Let’s be a Nation unashamed of who we are and where we come from.

Every day, every hour, every minute there is someone in our Nation being exposed to Domestic Violence. To be quite honest we may not be able to eradicate this issue completely but the more we discuss and take action against Domestic Violence, the more people who stand up unashamed, we take the power away from abusers, the number of victims will keep getting lower. Many times Domestic Violence leads to fatalities. Children lose their parents, parents lose their children. Sadly, children often times lose both parents one is murdered and the other is jailed for their crime.

There are many places right here on the web you can visit for support, resources and a way out if you desire. There are many places you can use your voice as a beacon Of hope for others. One of the best places I have visited is The National Domestic Violence Hotline Another excellent source is Safe Horizon This organization helps victims of crime and abuse.

Domestic Violence should not be a family's dirty secret. We all need to make it our business to inform anyone who wants to hurt another that we are standing against it. We are exposing it, not only for ourselves and the many survivors but even for the lives that have been lost to Domestic Violence. Their lives were not taken in vain..

It’s past time for so many of us to learn that we can stop feeling ashamed, we can stop being the victims to our situations and we can be survivors.

What are your thoughts?

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