Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Back To School with NEW Crayola Take Note!

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

One of my all-time favorite brands when shopping for school supplies is Crayola. I have always bought my kids Crayola crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

I was thrilled to see that Crayola had gone greener. Crayola's green initiative is to help ensure that kids today have a healthy environment tomorrow. Crayola is leading the green trend with crayons made by using solar power, colored pencils are produced from reforested wood and markers are made from recycled plastic.

Recently, Crayola came out with a brand new line, Take Note!. Let me tell you a little about them. Be Boldly You!

Crayola Take Note! Washable Gel Pens are washable gel colors that lay smoothly and streak-free. These ergonomic, cushioned-gripped pens are perfect for taking notes, organizing documents and art projects by color and creating colorful outputs, all with the washability you expect from Crayola.

These Washable Gel Pens feature a quick-dry formula for a rich, bold color that won't smear. The colors will stay on the page, not on your clothes. With a .7mm tip and easy-to-hold comfortable grip, writing is easy and comfortable.

Crayola Take Note! Erasable Highlighter features six vibrant colors for highlighting and underlining with bold colors. You can magically erase as needed also. These Erasable highlighters have bright colors on one end and clear ink tips on the opposite end for quick and easy erasing. You no longer need to worry about highlighting the wrong word or over-highlighting on a page. These vibrant colors make a bold Statement on homework and other projects. : The Chisel tip design allows you to create thick or thin lines (2-in-1) and the clear ink instantly erases color.

The Crayola Take Note! Washable Felt Tip Pens will capture your thoughts, notes and important things to remember. This washable felt-tip pen is bold and vibrant and features a smooth laydown. There are six colorful felt-tip pens ideal for color-coding notes and bullet journaling. The ink is washable it can easily be removed from furniture, clothing, and skin.

The felt tips of these pens use smooth strokes to create precise and smooth lines. Create any design with bold colors. The ink does not smear or smudge with its quick-drying abilities.

Crayola Take Note! Dry Erase Markers can make bold marks at any angle. These are ideal for brainstorming, notetaking and more. The Take Note! Dry Erase Markers feature vibrant colors that will dry quickly and easily erase. Additional features of these dry erase markers include low odor ink and an ink level indicator that will show when the marker is almost finished so you never run out. The ink contains low odor presenting the ink that doesn’t stink. The ink is able to easily erase so starting over is just a wipe away.

The Crayola Take Note! Highlighter Pens take creativity to a whole new level. The two-in-one tool features a bold felt tip pen on one side and chisel tip highlighter on the other in six vibrant Crayola colors. Students can use the fine line end that’s perfect for writing and then switch to the wide tip end for highlighting. They are available in 6-count packs.

Crayola Take Note! Permanent Markers can be used to create intense color and permanence on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, canvas, fabric and more. These markers create smooth, fine lines and feature a comfort grip that makes using them easy. The Crayola Take Note! Permanent Markers are available in 8-count, 12-count and 24-count packs.

All of these Crayola Take Note! products aid in memory retention and organization. Using color for taking notes has been proven to be helpful aiding in memory retention and organizing tasks. These are great for teens and adults who use color for organization and personalization and daily routines.

Finally, I'm going to end with a little humor, a picture that proves the Crayola Take Note! Permanent Markers do in fact write on a variety of surfaces. For the last month, my tween grandson Dylan has been left out of all sports and water activities, however, he has kept himself busy drawing, making lists and filling in his calendar with Crayola Take Note!

My teen granddaughter, Kayla has been having a blast decorating, coloring then redecorating his cast with Crayola Take Note! permanent markers.

How exciting, you can SHOP / PURCHASE Crayola Take Note! products online HERE.

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