Saturday, July 27, 2019

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle Houses Leah's New Blind Collectibles

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Are your little ones familiar with Cry Babies Magic Tears? These are dolls that cry real tears and make real baby sounds. They are also characters from the animated series of the same name. You can watch this series on YouTube or Amazon to follow their adventures and discover friendships and teamwork.

IMC Toys has revealed that the Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle Houses have been launched with 12 different characters to collect along with a rare one. These are mini collectibles that are available in blind bottle houses. They are definitely not your average collectible. There is Ladybug, Froggy, Bunny, and Puppy with more coming out. These characters come in the blind bottle houses. They are shaped like a baby bottle. You will not know which character you're receiving but if your child’s lucky they will find a golden pacifier or golden bow inside.

These are a miniature version of these adorable dolls, each dressed in a unique animal onesie and come with eight different accessories. They are small and super cute. They cry real tears! Just fill them with water using their sippy bottle and then squeeze their tummy. The doll's arms and legs are movable so if your child wishes to strike a pose or have them hold an accessory they can.

These are small and just super cute. Both Brandi Lynn and I like that she can take them with her when we go for a ride. These little dolls will keep her occupied at an appointment. They are recommended for children 3 years old and above. They are quite suited to her age as well as Leah (shown below). Children of all ages are loving the blind bag concept and she likes that as well. Opening something that will be a surprise is fun for children. It would be awesome to collect all these magical dolls.

These are available at the affordable price of $9.99 at Amazon,, Target, Walgreens and various other retailers nationwide.

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  1. This looks like such a neat series to collect. Blind bag type toys are so fun! They are a great price too!