Tuesday, July 16, 2019

From Victim to Survivor: Sexual Abuse

In the last few weeks, I’ve shared some blog posts about Domestic Violence. I want to put my disclaimer out here. I am not a professional concerning domestic violence. I’m just a human being who has had her own life experiences. I feel like when we share about these topics we are spreading awareness. Awareness can be empowering.

Another form of Domestic Violence is sexual abuse. Like emotional abuse, many have difficulty identifying as a sexual victim. Sexual abuse is not about sexual gratification it is used by abusers to establish control.

A few examples of sexual abuse is hurting a partner during sexual intercourse. Abusers Will pinch, slap, bite, scratch and use foreign objects to hurt their partners. They will force their partner into sexual situations that feel uncomfortable often times making them prostitute themselves. They use derogatory sexual names to humiliate and degrade their partner. They will also be accusatory.

In my early 20’s I was in an abusive relationship. I remember thinking I must be special. He only does this to me, it may not feel good but it’s got to mean that he loves me. I have to be different than the rest. Wrong! There is nothing special about someone making you feel ashamed or disgusted. No one should have to prove their love to another by feeling sexually degraded. I went to counseling for a long time afterward. I took back my power. I am no longer a victim I am a survivor.

There have been many incidents where situations of sexual abuse have caused death. I plead with anyone out there if it doesn’t feel good to you then it is not love. Please make the step towards taking back your power.

You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1 800 656 HOPE You will be connected to someone who is a trained professional in your area.

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