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Missing Monday: Mekayla Bali

Mekayla Bali 16-year-old female from Yorkton, Saskatchewan disappeared April 12, 2016. Mekayla is 5'2" with a slim build. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Mekayla is described as being a shy and sweet girl. She had only a few bully situations due to an acne problem that she had to get a prescription medicine to clear up. Mekayla is someone who likes taking care of others and seeing to their happiness. She wanted to work in daycare.

Mekayla lived with her mom who was a single mother and a younger brother and sister. On the day Mekayla disappeared the day started off like any other in their household. Her mother did not notice anything odd or strange. Mikayla's grandma came to pick them up for work and school as she normally did.

Makayla's grandma arrived back at the school at 3:40pm to take Mekayla to her music class. Mekayla was not waiting for her. She found this odd since Mekayla was usually where she was supposed to be or she would call her mother. Makayla's grandmother went into the school looking for her. Teachers and friends told her that they had not seen Mekayla since early that morning. She had not reported to any of her classes. Makayla's grandmother immediately leaves to inform her mother.

Makayla's mother was sure that there had to be some confusion. She went back to the school to search for her daughter thinking a teacher had kept her late. Mekayla was not there, mom was so desperate to find her she even searched under school buses. She also thought about some cash that was stashed at her home and Mekayla knew about it. She figured Mekayla would take some or all of the money if she ran away on her own. All the money was accounted for besides in her room they found her charger, medicine, and makeup. At 8pm Mekayla Bali was reported to the Yorkton police as a missing person.

Police started at the school. Noone had much information about that day but they did tell police that the day before Mekayla was talking about visiting a few different places such as Regina. Police were also informed that Mekayla talked to many people on social media and spoke to them on apps. She had mentioned a boy named Josh and someone named Christopher but never went into details except that Christopher was coming to see her.

The day before Mekayla went missing she asked a friend to drive her to the TD bank. She then went on to make three calls to this banks customer service and transferred $25. The following morning she texts her friend wondering about the ride. She seemed to get a little distressed to find out the bank didn't open till 8am the same as school. Police were able to see some of Mekayla's movements on CC TV.

Mekayla was seen putting something in her locker and leaving by the back door. She was seen on footage at the bank that morning at 8:30. She went in and withdrew $55. Mekayla appeared to be talking on her cell but when police pulled records she had not made any calls using her cell that day. This meant she was probably using social apps.

Mekayla went into a pawn shop. The owner said she wanted to pawn a couple of rings but because they were so small and didn't have much value he didn't make her an offer. She is then seen on footage at 9:10am at Tim Hortons where she orders a coffee. She sits in a booth and uses her cell. After she left Tim Hortons she was next seen again coming from behind a store called Giant Tiger. At 9:49 she was back at Tim Hortons. She had sent a text to her friend telling her she needed help. After making multiple calls she texts her back and told her she figured it out. At about 10:49 she approached a lady and asked her if she would help her get a hotel room in Regina. The woman declined to help her.

Around noon Mekayla arrives back at the school. She is seen on footage speaking with two other students who told police that Mekayla spoke very briefly about catching a bus to Regina. The only thing odd they noticed is Mekayla had two cell phones. The next time Mekayla was seen was at the bus stop. She had asked what time the bus was leaving for Regina and told 5pm. She never bought a ticket. She went into a little cafe at the bus station. A witness came forward and said they saw Mekayla leave with a man who had a distinctive tattoo of a burning cross. They gave a sketch to the media. The man himself came forward explaining he had only held the door for her. He was cleared.

Mekayla Bali has not been heard from since. There has been no activity on her social media or bank accounts. This has been devastating for her family. They can longer eat in their dining room because her chair is empty. Her aunt writes her emails frequently.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Mekayla Bali please call 306 641 9436.

My prayers are with Mekayla and her family. It's been three years too long...she needs to come home.

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