Thursday, August 8, 2019

Back To School with the NEW Ice Chill Line from AXE

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

Two out of my three sons are going back to school in a month. They are busy teenagers and smelling good is a priority for them. AXE has always been one of their favorite brands.

AXE has recently came out with a new Ice Chill line and my boys are loving it. These new products are designed to to keep boys chill by -11F.

The AXE Ice Chill 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner is infused with the cool fragrance of spearmint to provide extreme cooling. This helps guys stay chill.

This shampoo and conditioner lathers up nicely and washes out easily. The smell is fresh without being over bearing. It leaves the boys feeling Icy clean all day.

The Axe Ice Chill Body Spray and Antiperspirant Stick helps guys stay cool with a cool fragrance blend of frozen lemon and Eucalyptus. This cools the skin temperature by 6 C.

These deodorants are helping my teens keep fresh for up to 48 hours. Their fresh clean scents protect the body from awful odor while it’s not overbearing. The boys say they are not left with any nasty residue after a hot busy day. They appreciate the new cool scents as do the rest of us that have to smell them as well.

The Axe Ice Chillin Body Wash instantly cools the body temperature with its iced mint and lemon fragrance.

This body wash has an awesome refreshing scent that the boys are digging. This keeps them smelling fresh and chill for up to 8 hours.

The boys also received the Axe Apollo Deodorant Wipes. They have used Axe products for years but this is the first time they have used deodorant wipes of any kind.

The Axe Apollo deodorant wipes help wipe away odor for a refreshed feeling anytime, anywhere.

These are great for on the go. My teens have brought them along when they went to play football and kayaking with their friends. They say they are great for that extra boost of odor protection. They want to bring the wipes to school for after gym and other sports that make them sweaty.

AXE always lives up to our expectations. The boys love AXE as their go-to brand for odor protection.

AXE is the #1 Men’s fragrance brand In the world.

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  1. Axw has a huge line of products, I haven't used them in year

  2. Now this is an "AXE" anyone should get their hands on - w/o any danger to others! Take care, "God Bless", sincerely Randy.