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Back To School Deals at Puro Sound Labs

We have received samples in the past, however, this is just a honest and unbiased review and information for my readers.

Save money this summer and fall protecting your child's hearing. Puro Sound Labs is having some awesome sales. The Puro Quiet Headphones are $79.99 and come in some beautiful colors. The temperature outside may be high but not the volume on these BT2200 headphones. These are only $59.99 for any color. Don't miss out on this summer savings. Puro Calm Earmuffs are only $17.99 and the PuroPlugs are $19.99. Don't miss out on this super great sale

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At three years old I had frequent ear infections, as is normal when this occurs I had tubes put in my ears. Normally these tubes fall out on their own within so many months, mine did not. When I was 30 years old I had to get the tube surgically removed, as the skin had grown over it. I still have chronic ear infections in that ear. It is so important to take the best care of your child's hearing. It is as precious as their sight. This is where Puro Sound Labs comes in.

Children seem to love to sit right on top of the television or when they wear headphones they turn the volume as loud as it will go. I'm always telling my kids to turn down that noise in their ears. It was so stressing. We needed help from Puro Sound Labs

PuroQuiet On-Ear headphones are for kids. These were made to help keep children's hearing safe by blocking out daily noise and background sounds up to 22 dB. You are able to let your kids listen to whatever you want, these headphones are complemented by 82% noise isolation. This is Active Noise Technology. This switch will put the world around your child on mute so that in loud environments they can listen clearly. There won't be a need to turn that volume up anymore. The suggested age for using the PuroQuiet headphones from Puro Sound Labs is 2-92.

In the box, you will find-

  • USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Hard Cover travel case
  • User manual

    The limited volume of 85 dB is the maximum recommended by Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA and the World Health Organization. This is a safe listening level and prevents children and teens from suffering gradual but permanent damage to their hearing from cranking the sound too loud.

    The headphones from Puro are a cute, trendy dual microphone design. One is for talking and the other is an ANC microphone to filter out ambient sounds and noises. These are great headphones with crystal clear talking. The children find them very easy to operate. There is an easy phone, volume, music and ANC switch in either the left or right ear cup. The headphones are safe, durable, secure and comfortable.

    There is no need to worry about children choking, the headphones are choke-free and stumble-free. They prevent any risk of entanglement. The Bluetooth 4.0 pairs wonderfully combined with the Qualcomm CSR DSP chip that ensures lossless balanced sound with 32 ft. of wireless range. If you turn the ANC and Bluetooth on the PuroQuiet works up to 16 hours.

    The kids can play with these for hours, though the suggested exposure time each day is 8 hours when the volume is limited to 85 dB. If you are going on a road trip or an airplane ride these are perfect. Their super soft protein leather-wrapped headband and ear cushions ensure the long-time wearing. This combined with a smooth sliding arm that children can adjust to suit their head sizes and shapes. They leave no pressure on the kids head, they seem to really love these headphones.

    There are many reasons that these are just great for children. The first being is that they have been manufactured with high-quality durable materials. They can withstand the rough play. The headphones are made of the AL6063 aluminum for enhanced durability. These have a nice fold-flat design that allows easy portability when traveling with the kids or playtime. The playtime is great at around 16 hours. PuroQuiet offers a pink or blue design and they are both cute. These are affordable and they keep the kids hearing protected, they get big thumbs up from us. The headphones are fully compatible with PC, Android and iPhone devices.

    About Puro Sound Labs-
    Niki Russell has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. This means she is partially deaf in both ears. Sadly, this is a preventable condition. Unfortunately for Niki, it was not caught in time. The culprit was her headphones. When she was young she would listen to them too loudly for too long, over time it damaged her hearing so much that she could barely hear her family and friends over the dinner table. That is really scary. What is scarier is that 1 in 5 teens will lose their hearing too.

    After Niki and her parents came to grips with the diagnosis they set out to do something about it. This epidemic should not affect so many kids but with the prevalence of electronic devices hammering out loud music these days they knew this would be an uphill battle. They realized that nobody on the market was addressing this issue adequately. They knew they had to create the world's safest, highest quality headphones.

    Puro Sound Labs is a small, family-owned startup with a very big goal, eliminate preventable noise-induced hearing loss in the world's youth. They are incredibly proud of their product and their mission. The headphones are fully guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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