Thursday, August 1, 2019

Globber PRIMO Scooter Awesome For Summer Through Fall

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

It's summertime and lots of us are outside teaching our younger ones to ride bikes and scooters. The kids want to grab their helmets and be on their way. As a mom, I can't tell you how many times my heart skips a beat during the learning process of riding bikes or scooters. Recently we had the opportunity to review the scooter from GLOBBER. I found I really liked this brand and it's making the process of my little one learning to ride a scooter easier for him as well as me.

The Primo 3 wheel scooter from GLOBBER has patented steering. This is a steering lock button that fixes the steering system of the two front wheels so that the scooter only moves forward and backward, in a straight line. This helps children who need to learn to balance. They will have to lean with the handlebars to steer, this engages the pivot with the ball bearings that will turn the two front wheels. When your child is ready to learn to steer unlock the button and spring-loaded mechanism on the bottom of the deck. The larger wheels in the front will offer greater stability when rolling over cracks in the sidewalk or on rougher surfaces. The material of the wheels was made to last longer than other wheel materials, high rebound PU material and ABEC 5 bearings create smooth riding. These scooters ride nice and quiet.

The handlebars are adjustable with a three-position latch system that grows with your child. The Aluminum T-bar handlebars are stylish with either a matte or chrome finish. The TPR handlebar grips are comfortable for children and made out of high-quality material, they will not wear out quickly. They can also easily be removed from the deck by the push of a button. While Leah wanted the new Globber Primo Scooter and to give her scooter to her brother I pointed out that at the top handle position it barely fit her height, however, it fit her brother perfectly because it was meant for him and his obsession with purple at the moment.

This scooter can hold a maximum weight of 110 lbs. This is more than double compared to other leading brands. The deck of the scooter is made of hi-impact PP with anti-slip texture. Its a fancy name for a durable hard plastic material that will withstand children's play. The PP material is high end and made to last. It has a clean and sleek look. The deck has been reinforced with a steel plate for strength and durability.

These are stylish scooters made of high quality and durable materials to help keep children as safe as possible while learning to ride a scooter. Our little one has been having great fun learning to ride the scooter. It is easy to take with us if we travel. It comes apart in two pieces. Below is just a snip of a video showing how Mason, 3, took to the Globber PRIMO in the first afternoon.

I really like that this brand provides a scooter to help little ones learn to ride in a much safer fashion than I have seen with other scooters. He puts one foot on the base and uses his other foot to push off the ground to go and go fast. I love how easily he is learning to balance. I remember when my older son was learning to ride a scooter we could not adjust it to his size. He had problems learning to steer. He got many little boo-boos from that wicked scooter. These scooters from Globber were made to begin learning and then grow with the child. These are one of a kind functional scooters.

Globber Scooters is determined to redefine outdoor fun. These products from Globber showcase how easy and fun it is to use a scooter through their sleek design and unmatched function. Globber believes safety should never be undervalued and all products meet or exceed the worldwide safety certifications.

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  1. This looks like a nice scooter, it's a great size for my son. Thank you for sharing

  2. Nice trusty scooters, good to see they are still trendy now

  3. These look great! Looking forward to when my grandson is old enough to start playing on a scooter! It will certainly help speed us up when I go on walks. LOL