Sunday, August 25, 2019

My First Workout Is a Family Affair

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to try MY FIRST WORKOUT with our grandchildren. I can't say enough about how much this program could benefit all children.

Dylan was to be the main participant, although, he broke his arm. Yes, right in the middle of the summer, poor guy! No more swimming, no end of soccer playoffs, no bike riding and now he must even wait to start his MY FIRST WORKOUT program.

MY FIRST WORKOUT helps children to have an active lifestyle. This is a break from the many digital distractions of our world today. Children will enjoy the health benefits of regular exercise. Kids who are fit sleep better, and handle physical and emotional challenges better. They also show enhanced cognitive ability in school.

Some of the great benefits of this program include better food choices, improve quality of sleep, stronger bones, and muscles, improved immune function, decreased symptoms of ADHD, increased potential exercise habit continues into adulthood, confidence and better self-esteem reduced risk and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Along with many more benefits. When kids are active, their brain develops allowing for new types of activity.

MY FIRST WORKOUT is a wonderful way for parents to connect with their children. Exercise is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Through this connection, the hope is to instill a love for Fitness that will last a lifetime.

This is a progressive exercise program that was carefully designed by a certified personal trainer and the founder Michelle Miller, she has over 20 years experience in the industry of fitness as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. The first program that comes in the kit will prepare the body for 11 more programs that are in the series. Each of the exercises is demonstrated by children who are under the guidance of Michelle in a fun and personal video.

The workouts are fun and easy for children. Two of my grandchildren have ADHD. They both seem to have so much extra energy that it usually is even frustrating to themselves. This program helps tremendously to use that extra energy and to put it somewhere healthy. I'm hoping this becomes a part of their life that they carry into adulthood.

It's an amazing program that is beneficial to children from all backgrounds. It is simple enough to get started. You will just be asked a few questions concerning your children.

Michelle Miller, founder, CEO and personal trainer was sitting with her son early one Sunday morning. They were cuddling in bed before starting their day and she was overwhelmed with appreciation for the special bond that they share. She attributed this connection to their many exercise adventures together. She is very grateful that he is a healthy and happy child. Michelle's mind began to wander thinking of other children and she wished that every parent had something they could enjoy with their child, to connect with them on a much deeper level, such as exercise. This has brought so much joy to her family. Her focus creating this program is to assist parents in building essential lifestyle habits from the earliest moments in their child's life which will improve the health of all our children.

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  1. i love doing zumba at home and its fun for kids to join in too

  2. This seems like a great product. I like the idea behind it, to get kids used to exercise, and help them develop healthy habits. It's important to instill habits like this in kids early on, so they can grow to enjoy it for themselves. Kids today, in general, are not as active as they were years ago, or when I was young. We came about exercise naturally by playing outside every day. Now, kids are much more involved with video games and the computer, so may not be as active. This product seems like a good way to introduce kids, as well as adults, to the benefits of working out.

  3. When kids see you working out, they want to do it too. And I think that’s a great example to be setting for them. When they understand that Mommy wants to take care of her body and try to keep it healthy and in shape, it motivates them to be healthy too.

  4. I have never heard of this. What a great idea for kids!