Monday, August 19, 2019

Personalized Backpack from Stuck On You in time for Back to School

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

Back to school, September is a bit bittersweet for me this year. I’ll be sending the last of our babies off to begin her journey through school. Brandi Lynn is very excited for the most part about going to school. Though, I think she might think I will be attending with her every day. I’ve explained that there may be days I’m invited unfortunately I doubt the teacher would appreciate my presence every day. I've been helping her to get excited about school. This is where Stuck On You comes in. I’m not telling her I'm a little sad about our baby going off on a big school bus every day but I’m also anticipating watching her grow and learn.

We had the opportunity to review Brandi Lynn’s very first school backpack from an online store called Stuck On You. The large backpack is in her favorite color pink with a graphic design on the front. It is a mermaid as she is thrilled with them. I have seen many of the mini and small backpacks younger children carry and while they are cute I wanted a large backpack for Brandi Lynn. This large pink backpack is very roomy inside. Young children are always doing art and different projects besides all their other papers. I wanted there to be room for this and anything I may need to send to school with her.

Stuck On You is a great online store where you can get almost anything personalized. You can also get labels to sew, stick or iron on clothes or other items. They have a variety of backpacks you can get suited to the size of any child. If you are looking for school essentials you can find a wide variety here for reasonable and affordable prices.

The large pink backpack which you can personalize with your child’s name is made of high quality, soft durable poly canvas with a water-resistant lining. This bag was made to stand up to the busy days of rough playing children. It’s certainly not cheap and flimsy by any measure. On the outside of the bag is a roomy front pocket. Inside the bag is an elasticized book compartment. It features a chunky zipper with a circle embellishment. The shoulder straps are padded along with a hook for hanging.

I like that the backpack was well made with a tough material that is going to last. I like that the backpack sits comfortably on her shoulders and will not feel too heavy with the padded shoulder straps. I also think that many of the original designs and colors are so cute. You could get your child’s name embroidered on the bag also. I like that this shop is basically a one-stop and shop for all of the things that you would need to label for school, daycare or any other labeling. The labels are fun and the gifts are cool. Their web site is very simple to use. You can choose your favorite design, enter your child’s name and see a preview of what your product will look like.

Stuck On You humbly began in the spare bedroom of Carrie Felton. It’s become known and trusted in over 15 countries. Name labels were the products that started it all. They remain their highest selling product. They believe in quality and durability above all else.

They have been in business for 23 years and expanded the range of products to include personalized products such as bibs, wooden name blocks drink bottles and more. All designs are created in house at Stuck On You headquarters. Their graphic design team is constantly inspired by the world around them. They work hard to bring beautiful original cute and kooky ideas to life.

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  1. The mermaid is very cute and it looks like a great size! Thank you for sharing

  2. It's a bittersweet moment. I feel like that, as my first grandchild will begin Grade One. I vividly remember my daughter (the youngest of 3) going off to school. Time flies so fast...

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. These will be very useful during the school year.

  4. The personalization of the backpack is a great idea.
    I like the stuck on you technique.

  5. I've heard of Stuck On You. They have such cute stickers and personalized items. Kids would be thrilled with their stuff.