Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Teach My Preschool Learning Kit for Learning at Home

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I can’t believe my granddaughter is going to be a preschooler. The time seems to fly by. It’s important to me that she is prepared and comfortable about going to school. This is where I believe Teach My preschool learning kits help. They are a wonderful way to introduce children to reading, printing her name and early math. The kits have always been an amazing learning tool and now they are new and improved.

Teach My preschool learning kit is an award-winning all in one learning kit designed to give youngsters a head start, it promotes kindergarten readiness. There are so many benefits in just using the kit 20 minutes a day. The kit is full of learning toys from a new magic drawing board to flashcards, readers, posters, and counters.

This learning kit is recommended for children 3 years and older. There is no screen time, no need for a computer. The kit is filled with 70 pieces of unique, coordinated tools to help teach them reading, math, and printing.

The Teach My kit includes flipbooks, counters, foam numbers, drawing board, readers, flashcards and posters. These items help children to be ready for school. The kit promotes parent and child interaction, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and raising their self-esteem. A step by step teaching guide is also included with this learning kit to ensure your child is developing and learning.

I’m amazed at what’s included with the learning kit. I have looked at other learning kits and I find that The Teach My has so much more to offer.

Included in the learning kit is

  • 60 Flashcards
  • Foam numbers, equation signs, and counters
  • 101 train flashcards
  • 1 Magic drawing board
  • 72 Print transparencies and printing guide
  • 2 Posters
  • 1 Add/subtract flipbook
  • 10 Readers
  • 1 Flashcard reward tin
  • Teaching guide
  • Storage case

    We have been spending about a half-hour a day working with my granddaughter using the Teach My kit. She is excited about learning which makes me feel good about sending her off to preschool soon. The Magic board was a great addition to the kit. I feel like as she goes to preschool this kit Will go hand in hand with what she’s learning in preschool.

    Teach My preschool learning kit was well designed. I really like that it came with the storage case to keep everything organized. Not only that but I feel like the teaching guide is very helpful to me while I teach her. I thought she would have trouble focusing, I believe that the kit has helped with that. She is really enjoying the time we spend together working on the alphabet right now. In some ways, I feel both of our self esteems are being worked on with this as I get comfortable teaching and she gets comfortable learning.

    Teach My manufactures designs and sells award-winning learning kits and sets for babies toddlers and kindergartners. From ABC’s & 123’s to reading printing spelling and math. Their products aim to teach basic skills.

    They encourage playing with a purpose which includes screen-free early learning, parent-child interaction, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Bond.. teach.. play 20 minutes a day.

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    1. This kit is so cute and I thanks that any child would love to get this.

    2. It can only help a child if something makes him/her feel more ready for school. These would help with any anxiety about not being ready.