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Two Awesome Books from Author Janet Ruth Heller, PhD. for Mid-Grade Children

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It is important for children to read. They learn so much from reading about the world around them.

My grandson and I have had the opportunity to read a couple books by Janet Ruth Heller. We have enjoyed these fantastic stories more than once. Mrs. Heller is a very talented writer. The books attract and hold the children's interest and attention.

"How the Moon Regained her Shape" written by Janet Ruth Heller and illustrated by Ben Hodson is a 32-page fictional book. The book is offered in hardcover, paperback, Ebook along with a Spanish Ebook for children ages 6-10 grades 1-5.

This is an interesting tale influenced by Native American culture. This shows through in the beautiful illustrations in the book. The story explains why the moon changes shape and helps children learn to deal with bullies.

The sun bullies and insults the moon. The moon becomes badly hurt and shrinks out of the sky. The moon gets comfort from a comet and many earth friends including rabbits and Native Americans. The moon eventually regains her full shape, self-esteem, and happiness. She returns to her orbit.

This useful and educational book has been vetted by experts and designed to encourage parental engagement.

There is an extensive section in the back, 6 pages long from an educational appendix called For Creative Minds. They give advice about bullying, scientific information about the moon and ideas for related recipes, crafts and games for children. There is also a 30-page teaching activity guide online. This helps teachers with time-saving lessons, extensions for science, math, and social studies units. The book uses inquiry-based learning to help build critical thinking skills in young readers. The Spanish translation supports oval language programs and ELL. The interactive Ebook reads aloud in both Spanish and English with word highlighting and audio speed control to promote oral language skills, fluency pronunciation text engagement, and reading comprehension.

This book was designed beautifully and made with high-quality materials. I'm loving this book because my grandson is at the age where what's in the sky interests him and this book was very educational helping him to understand our moon better.

Ben Hodson is an award-winning illustrator who works full time from his home in Ottawa Canada. He's illustrated nearly 20 books. Ben loves creating art and a good adventure. He created artwork for How the Moon Regained her Shape using acrylic paints, handmade papers, old wallpaper, pencil crayons, gesso and ink on watercolor paper.

My grandson had the opportunity to help me review another book recently. The Passover Surprise  also was written by Janet Ruth Heller, illustrated by Ronald Kauffman is a nostalgic tale about a Passover past of family and tradition.

The book is about two siblings Lisa and her younger brother Jon. They both collect stamps. Their father holds a contest that will determine which one of the siblings will win a brand new large stamp book. They do this while Lisa has to solve a difficult issue.

The story in this book takes place around 1960. It portrays a Jewish family celebrating Sabbath and Passover. The book includes details about the experiences of American soldiers during World war ll as well as the early days of the Civil Rights Movement.

My grandson and I have been enjoying this book. I really love when a book keeps the kids interested and they can learn about other religions and lifestyles.

This is a chapter book for children ages 8 to 12 years old in grades 3 to 6. A great addition to the book is a glossary of Hebrew words and difficult terms used in the text. Also included is a discussion guide that helps parents and teachers explore the issues that are raised in this book about sibling rivalry, discrimination, bullying, and Jewish traditions.

This book takes a good look at a loving family with a firm foundation in Jewish faith and traditions. It is an inviting and warm read. Janet Heller writes interesting stories that will educate children about issues like bullying, sibling rivalry along with history weaved through the tales.

The author of "How the Moon Regained Her Shape" and "The Passover Surprise," Janet Ruth Heller, taught American and English literature, creative writing, composition, linguistics and women's studies courses for 35 years at 8 colleges and universities. She has a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago.

Janet is also the president of the Michigan College English Association. She has published six books including three poetry books Exodus ( WordTech Editions 2014) Folk Concert: Changing Times (Anaphora Literary Press, 2012) and Traffic Stop (Finishing Line Press 2011). Fictive Press published The Passover Surprise(2015, 2016) Janet won four national awards for her children's book about bullying called How the Moon Regained Her Shape.

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  1. I will definitely check these books out! thank you for sharing your review

  2. Thanks for showcasing some awewome books for kids! I especially love "How the moon regained her shape".

  3. Both of these look like really good reads for kids. For that matter, they might be good reads for most of us, too!