Thursday, September 12, 2019

We are Loving the Shave of Made For YOU Razors from BIC

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Finding a good razor can be few and far between. Some of us get stuck with just what we have, and instead of looking farther because it is just a razor, we keep using the same old product until Made For YOU gets introduced.

I have great news ladies and gents. Throw out those jagged old razors and get ready to be impressed, by a razor. I’m not pulling your whiskers, I’m being upfront and real.

Made For YOU are manufactured by BIC, these are a high-quality razor made for every type of body. These were made to shave any type of hair, and made to shave anywhere. I received the navy Razor, it included 1 metal handle, 2 cartridges and 5 flexible blades.

These razors are a definite bonus to my showers every day. They give me a nice close smooth shave. My legs are left feeling soft and smooth. The ergonomic metal razors are easy to hold with a textured grip. The five flexible blades adapt to the contours of your skin to deliver an ultra-close shave. The edging blade helps get to hard to reach areas and a lubrication strip infused with aloe Vera and vitamin E makes for the smoothest glide. You're left without any irritation. It’s great because these are not just made for women they are made for everyone.

So many other razors want to cut off an arm and leg besides being costly. What I think is great is Made For YOU razors are not expensive. They won’t break the bank just to leave you with a jagged old razor. If you would like to check out one of these great razors you can find them on Amazon. Refill cartridges are also available.

The razor starter kits are available in Navy, Nickel, teal, and white. The refill cartridges come in a 4- pack, 8-pack, and 12-pack. You can PURCHASE these exclusively on Amazon.

If you're worried about the environment, have no fear. BIC is also constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, acting on every front, environmental management systems, optimization of water and energy consumption reduction and recycling of waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and more.

BIC continues to offer it’s iconic classic products while launching innovative new product solutions.

You can PURCHASE exclusively at Amazon and you can connect with Made For YOU razors via Made For YOU online


  1. I like that you can buy refills. I get tired of disposables, which can be bad quality.

  2. What a great looking razor. My hubby would love to try it!

  3. I haven't seen this yet but i'll try them out!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to look for these--it is hard to find a consistently good razor without spending a fortune!

  5. It's awesome that they have refills. I would love to try this.

  6. I think my fiance' would like these. I am going to check them out!

  7. I would love to try one of these razors.