Thursday, October 31, 2019

Children Are Asking for Rizmo This Holiday Season

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

The Christmas season is almost upon us. I have to admit that I love testing out the new toys we will be giving the kids for Christmas. I may get just as excited as they do. The following review is Rizmo from TOMY Toys This been one of my favorite toys this year.

Rizmo is a fun interactive toy from TOMY Toys. It has been very popular in 2019. Rizmo is an adorable otherworldly creature. What is a Rizmo, you may be wondering. Well, Rizmo is the first-ever "evolving toy" that listens, remembers, learns and grows. The name Rizmo is a mix of rhythm and monster.

Rizmo does not speak the language of your child, it speaks Rizmonese. Rizmo will use the power of music and movement to promote play and create strong bonds and friendships. As children play, sing and interact with Rizmo they will get to experience Rizmo's evolution. This will happen over time as he grows and evolves. I love that there are so many ways that Rizmo will keep children entertained.

Rizmo starts out as a cuddly baby and grows into a playful kid and then a musical monster. Rizmo has five play modes he begins with, including rolling rhythms and recording songs. Our kids love that they can sing a song and Rizmo will sing the same song back to them. When Rizmo learns a new sound or song, a bell will jingle. This jingle alerts children that Rizmo has learned a new sound or song. Rizmo needs a minimum of 25 musical points and 15 recorded songs.

Rizmo has three phases of growth. Children can help Rizmo grow by encouraging him with clapping, playing and talking to Rizmo. As children continue to "feed" Rizmo with music and other interactions a magical evolution will happen. Fresh play modes will be unlocked with more advanced interactive features. Rizmo's voice will change as he grows he will get better at speaking and singing. Rizmo actually will physically change as he grows and evolves. Rizmo gets a tuft of hair as a kid along with a toothy grin.

This absolutely adorable monster provides kids with hours of interactive fun. Kids can choose from three different colors Berry, Aqua and Snow. Each Rizmo will develop its own musical style. As kids help Rismo to evolve they find that their Rismo will be a hiphopstar, popstar, rockstar or electrostar.

The kids enjoy all the games they play with Rizmo. They really love singing and dancing. This is such an ingenious little toy. There is even a bedtime mode to lull Rizmo to sleep.

This is an excellent idea for gift giving this year. It would be at the top of my recommendations. Rizmo is durable, high quality and affordable. This is something our kids are going to continue to love through the year.

TOMY's mission is to make the world smile. They offer a wide range of innovative high-quality toys and nursery products that kids love and parents ask for by name. They never take for granted the role their products play in the lives of Children and Families. They want to earn your trust and loyalty by manufacturing high-quality products that deliver safety value and a little TOMY magic.

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  1. This is really cute and very cool!

  2. My grandchildren love interactive toys. This is so cute. I have never seen this before. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Oh yes! I want one also, but yes! I have a few granddaughters who are asking about this.

  4. Excellent and unusual toy for kids. Maybe I should start to learning Rizmonese language?