Saturday, October 26, 2019

CozyPhones a Warm Gift for the Child Into Music

We received a sample for a honest an unbiased review.

Most little ones are spending time on phones or Ipads watching their favorite cartoon or kids Youtube. Some kids are learning on these devices or just have a favorite game they like to play. From the time my Brandi Lynn was about two she had a couple of favorite shows she enjoyed watching on the phone. Many times she has the volume up way too high. It creates a problem when everyone wants to listen to something different, especially times we are traveling. I can't just hand her my headphones without constantly making sure she is not turning up the volume and ruining her little ears at four years old.

Recently, we had the opportunity to review CozyPhones. These are headphones that children can use safely. They are perfect for toddlers and children. We received the Paw Patrol "Skye" kids headphones along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle "Donatello" headphones.

These headphones are super cute! They are also extremely comfortable for kids. These are original patent-pending CozyPhones with an ultra-thin 1/8 volume-limiting speakers for hearing protection. The thin speakers are inside a soft and comfortable headband. There are no earbuds to stick in their little ears or big bulky over the ear headphones that don't stay in place. The headband headphones are stretchy and stay right in place without interfering with the car seats. These are wonderful devices for children who have special needs or sensory issues.

CozyPhones have been great to take along when we are traveling. The kids can listen to their own shows and not fight over whose device is louder. These are also wonderful for a school setting as well. The headband headphones are foldable and easy to pack up in a backpack. The headbands have a 36 inch durable, flexible and tangle-free braided cable that was made to last. The speakers are removable and the headband is washable.

CozyPhones have been made with high-quality materials. Their built tough and will last through the everyday normal wear and tear.

CozyPhones are cute and affordable. They put to rest any worries about your child's young ears. Let's face it, every parent has said "Turn it down" at least a few times. No more frustration when you want to hear yourself think. These would make a perfect gift for the coming holidays.

My grandkids love CozyPhones! Their comfortable, soft and lightweight. They have even fallen asleep with the headbands on. The noise volume is perfect for their small ears. They love that they come in their favorite licensed characters. There are many cute headband headphones at CozyPhones to choose from. I have even read how great they are for adults as well who have issues with sleeping.

The founder of CozyPhones, Paul don't sleep well at night. He would fall asleep and find himself awake in the middle of the night. He struggled falling back to sleep.

Paul bought some sleeping headphones that only lasted a year. The wires shorted out and they stopped working. He tried using earbuds but it became painful using them. It's just about impossible to sleep with them on your side. He decided to try another pair of headband headphones but the original ones he bought were just too expensive. So, he decided to make his own with comfort and affordability as his main goal. This is where CozyPhones was born.

They started with just a fleece headband version but quickly found their customers wanted more so they added Styles and materials to back more needs like running and yoga. They were doing a photoshoot one day of a 10-year-old girl using their headphones with a tablet. Paul decided to ask his daughter Helen, a budding artist to come up with some characters for him. This is where their first Froggy design was created.

Since they have added new styles and characters. CozyPhones have found a great niche in the Autism and Sensory Disorder communities. Their pleased to be able to provide a great solution to all kids and especially pleased to serve special needs kids who struggle with normal headphones.
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  1. These are really good. I'm impressed they care about the volume, I've noticed even places like the library are now so noisy that kids young and teens blast their ears with their own noise to tune it out, very bad for them. And these are so darn cute! And even for little tykes, too. Love!

  2. These are really adorable. Great gift idea!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing about us! We're so glad that your grandchildren love us and hope to bring a smile to many kid (and parents!!) faces this holiday season!

  4. These would definitely be an awesome gift for a small child! My grandkids loves Skye from Paw 🐾 Patrol and of course, TMN Turtles 🐢
    They love YouTube! Their older siblings have helped them make videos that they up loaded to YouTube. Sometimes they watch Nickelodeon shows on there so headphones 🎧 are needed. Plus this would be one way for them to wear a hat and keep it on while traveling in the car!