Saturday, October 26, 2019

Drop Dots Love Ems the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My granddaughter has a sensory processing disorder. This means that in a nutshell, she feels too much. She has overreacted to sounds, touch, and food textures. If you saw her toy box and what she prefers to play with you could see the difference between her and another child who doesn't have these issues. I try to find toys that she will enjoy, toys that will lend a hand towards these issues.

Recently, we had an opportunity to review Drop Dots Lovems by Kess. These little toys are adorable characters that have their own names and special characteristics.

Drop Dots Kess Lovems are a rubbery and squishy character recommended for children who are ages 6 and above. These fun new characters include a unicorn, penguin, narwhal, puppy, cactus and pineapple. Children can read on the Kess Website about the special characteristics of these cute characters. Noodles the puppy wears Drop Dots headphones because she loves music and Buttercup the cactus really loves hugs.

Each of Drop Dots Love Ems characters is made with Drop Dot material and slow-rising foam. They are also covered in rubbery dots. These toys are super soft and super squishy. There are six characters sold separately that kids can collect.

My granddaughter has been playing with the pineapple and unicorn. There is nothing she doesn't love about these. She sits, even while watching cartoons and squeezes her characters, waits for them to spring back to life and squeezes them again. She likes the texture of this kind of toy, she also likes the feel of the slow rising foam. She brought these to a doctor's appointment with her and the doctor remarked that this sort of play was good for the issues that she has with sensory processing.

This is great tactile play that all kids seem to love, whether they have sensory processing disorders or not. These kinds of toys seem to be popular among kids. The characters are so adorable and also affordable your child will want to collect all six of them.

Kess is a third generation toy company focused on reinventing fun. #TeamKess is a market leader in the outdoor play category with award-winning items like the Drop Dots Ball and the Ice Hula Hoop. This is the number 1 selling hula hoop in the world. Kess's other divisions include collectibles and game lines that include the successfully kickstarted Battle Bosses as well as party games such as Super Party Battle. Kess is updating play patterns for kids and adults of all ages.

You can connect with Kess via
Kess Lovems Website


  1. I love these! So would my grandauters!

  2. These are really cute. I love the pineapple!

  3. I am always looking for good stocking stuffers and these are so cute. I really like that you can visit the website to learn about the characters.