Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Happypop Socks for Gifting

I received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

I had the opportunity to receive two pairs of socks from Happypop Socks for my son. They arrived in the cutest gift box, ready to be given as a gift. These black socks are designed with the perfect saying for my son “I’m gaming” on one of them and the other sock it says “Do Not Disturb.”

I really like the quality of the Happypop Socks. My son has already looked at their online store and has given me a list of socks he would like for Christmas. The quality of these socks also come with an affordable price tag. I’m not sure why, but the price of some of these socks in retail stores is unbelievable. I’m pretty much convinced they take full advantage of the troll who dwells in washer machines.

All of the socks at Happypop are made with texture and high knit, combed cotton. The combed cotton is softer than normal cotton and stronger because the stitching process removes short fibers that lead to breakage. The saying on the bottom of the socks is made of high-strength spandex yarn that is included in the jacquard part creating a delicate clear pattern. In short, the wording on the socks help with not slipping and sliding across floors.

Happypop Socks offers so many different designs. I have found so many cute and trendy socks at their site for women, men, and children. They come with gaming designs, food, space, sayings, themed and so much more. You can buy them for yourself or buy them for a friend or relative and they will arrive in an adorable gift box.

Happypop Socks was established in 2014, with a creative eye for design and a keen instinct for business. They quickly grew out of their small studio. Happypop Socks is growing quickly, becoming renowned worldwide, thanks to their professional manufacturers and sophisticated design team.

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  1. I am a sock fanatic and have quite the collection of cute socks. I saw quite a few I love on their site!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I also love different kinds of silly socks.

  3. What a cute idea! These are so creative, and there really are options for everyone. My grandson would like the gaming ones.